Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a wide range of IT services to over 46,000 students, 7,000 academic and general staff, and 7,000 users in the wider community. ITS supports the administrative, teaching, learning and research needs of its customers. We are part of the Chief Operating Officer's portfolio.

Mr Rob Moffatt, AM, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services at UQ

ITS is the division of The University of Queensland which manages core networks and IT infrastructure for the whole university. Internet access to the National Research and Education Network (NREN), which connects most universities and CSIRO in Queensland is managed by ITS on behalf of the Queensland Regional Network Organisation (QRNO). Many of UQ's largest servers are also operated by ITS.

Within ITS is the internationally recognised network security group, AusCERT, which provides Internet security services throughout Australia and New Zealand. Its clients include universities in Australia and New Zealand, many banks, ISPs and government departments at federal, state and local levels.

In addition to providing direct services to over 60,000 users, ITS has a large number of service level agreements covering desktop system support, server administration, network support and audio-visual services delivery.

ITS administers UQ's extensive telephone network, which includes over 11,500 fixed lines and cordless, wireless and fax connections. A central switchboard also operates at the St Lucia campus.

ITS offers videoconferencing, maintains audio-visual services for all centrally controlled lecture theatres and offers a range of audio-visual equipment hire services.

About IT at UQ

Information Technology Services is UQ's primary division for providing IT services. Within UQ, IT support is provided in a number of different ways. Central services, such as the campus network, the phone system, the main email and calendar system, internet access and support of the audio-visual technology in central teaching spaces are generally provided by ITS.

For other forms of IT support, there is a choice. Some organisational units contract ITS to provide their support under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and others recruit their own staff and run this aspect of IT themselves.

Although the main UQ IT Service Desk will always try to help if it can, we recommend people ascertain whether they are supported directly by ITS or by a local support team before calling to ensure their enquiry is handled by the appropriate team.