The function of the CX Steering Committee is to take responsibility for the business issues associated with the CRM project. The Steering Committee is responsible for oversight of the project timelines, quality, governance, budget strategy, monitoring risks and ensuring defined benefits are being realised.


  • Review and endorse the project’s scope, resources and schedule
  • Ensure the project scope aligns with UQ requirements
  • Ensure that the project remains within scope, on time and on budget
  • Make decisions and give guidance to CX Working groups and Local Change teams
  • Monitor and advise on impacts, issues and risks associated with the project
  • Monitor and advise on business benefits and benefits realisation activities
  • Act as an escalation point for business-critical risks and issues
  • Provide those directly involved in the project with guidance on project business issues


The Customer Experience (CX) Steering Committee is responsible for providing direction and governance to the CRM Project.

Terms and processes

  • Meets monthly
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • Members must be in attendance to vote


  • A minimum of four CX Project Steering Committee members
  • The quorum must contain at least two member(s) from the Working groups and two member(s) from the remainder of the Committee


1.    Deputy Vice Chancellor (External Engagement) - Chair
2.    Director International Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions
3.    Chair – CX Student Administration Working Group
4.    Chair – CX Platform Enablers Working Group
5.    Chair – CX Marketing & Engagement Working Group
6.    Director, Student Administration
7.    Director, UQ Graduate School
8.    Director, Advancement Services
9.    Senior Manager (Academic Administration)
10.    Director, UQ Advantage Office
11.    Director, Student Affairs
12.    University Librarian
13.    Director, Governance and Risk
14.    Student Strategy Program Manager
15.    System Owner CRM – Secretary