The EntSS Portfolio Planning Group is a group to surface the work in the portfolio and plans what work should be completed, and in what order, for the next period.


In EntSS Portfolio Planning, the team representatives and Product Owners agree on a prioritised and allocated set of product backlog items that can be delivered based on the capacity of the squads.  This agreement will feed into the Sprint Planning meetings of each squad.


ITS Enterprise System Priorities

Terms and processes

  • Reports to ITGC
  • Meets every 12 Weeks
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • Members must be in attendance to vote


75% of filled voting positions, in attendance


1.    EAS Senior Manager - Chair
2.    Enterprise Support Systems Manager
3.    Enterprise Support Systems Manager representative(s)
4.    Finance Technical Authority
5.    Student Technical Authority
6.    Enterprise Support Operations Manager (or delegate)
7.    Product Owners (x4 or as necessary)
8.    Other key stakeholders who may generate demand for the teams and can constructively add to the prioritisation discussion - for example representatives from the major business units or even the COO or DVCA.