The FSMG work collaboratively to develop a program of proposed and approved financial systems and related capability enhancements, and to provide advice and recommendations in relation to major project activities.


The role of the FSMAG is to:

  1. Assess business cases, based on consultation with stakeholders, of initiatives that seek to improve UQ’s financial system, taking into consideration cost estimates, risks and impact on people, policies, processes and other systems;
  2. Ensure consistent and compatible approaches to recommend the priority of proposed system implementations and enhancements within the context of the University’s strategic priorities and business imperatives;
  3. Monitor progress of financial system initiatives and provide guidance to ongoing operations, support effort and enhancements;
  4. Act as a point of escalation for resourcing, risk and timing conflicts between finance projects, escalating issues and providing direction to operational and project teams as required.


  • may consider more detailed advice from a Financial Systems Operational Forum (FSOF) on operational issues and proposed changes to financial systems;
  • refers matters to the ITGC, SITC and USMG as required (e.g. major proposals that are high profile and may need to go to market)
  • may consult with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) separately to discuss specific proposals and initiatives.


All systems relating to the Finance Function.


Currently under review.

Terms and processes

  • Sponsored by the CFO
  • Reports to the COO
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • Members must be in attendance to vote


60% of filled voting positions, in attendance.