The Project Advisory Board (PAB) is responsible for the portfolio of ITS programs and projects, it reviews and prioritises/rejects new projects. An important aspect of the advisory board is its authority to redirect the project if the team is not addressing technical, programmatic or business issues.


  • Prioritise/Approve/reject/escalate ITS project requests
  • Ensure all ITS project are appropriately governed and managed
  • Provide a portfolio view of ITS projects
  • Re-evaluate current projects if not meeting its original intent (i.e. scope, timeline and cost)
  • Consolidate lessons learned from projects (including analysis of Post Implementation Reviews)
  • Input into the enhancement of the Project Management Framework (PMF), approved by the ITGC.


  • ITS Projects
  • IT Function at UQ (Framework)

Terms and processes

  • Reports to ITGC
  • Meets weekly
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • Members must be in attendance to vote


  1. Chief Information Officer - Chair
  2. Associate Director, IT Governance
  3. Deputy Director, Infrastructure Operations
  4. Deputy Director, Applications Delivery and Support
  5. Associate Director, Customer Support Services
  6. Portfolio Manager – Secretary