IT architecture at UQ

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the process that interweaves business and IT together to achieve 'One UQ'.  It provides knowledge and insight to inform strategic planning, improve decision-making, and enhance agility.

Our IT architecture vision

Our vision is to support the IT Strategy by creating visibility, transparency and enhance agility to enable innovation supporting University expectations.

Our IT architecture mission

Our mission is to support the IT Strategy to evolve the IT landscape towards decreased complexity, greater agility and better alignment with business capabilities by enhancing transparency, facilitating architectural governance and developing forward-looking, cohesive enterprise views.

Our IT architecture roadmap


Why is Enterprise Architecture important?

Enterprise architecture plays an important part in enabling an organisation to meet its strategic objectives. Some of the ways which enterprise architecture can benefit are:

  • EA is a new approach for UQ that will help align IT to strategy.
  • EA will make UQ and it’s IT components transparent to improve decision making.
  • EA interweaves business and IT together to work as a single enterprise.
  • EA breaks down silos in IT and the business
  • EA will make Strategy easier to execute.
  • EA will make UQ more governable to make sure we do things right.
  • EA delivers agility and facilitates re-use by identifying capabilities and establishing platforms.
  • EA will make IT Security easier and more effective.

What Enterprise Architecture can do for you?

Enterprise architecture will allow:
  • Access to information and recommendations to support your decision making
  • Collaborate with us on the development of resources such as policies, standards, and reference models.
  • The ability to implement consistent best practice by having principles, policies & standards in place.
  • Facilitating design work by providing re-usable building blocks and reference models
  • Enhanced understanding of ICT landscape.


Stay tuned for content to help you in our enterprise architecture journey!

By 2018 we will be delivering on the following:

•Move UQ EA Practice to Functional maturity level:
–Provide an Architectural Repository
•Policies, Standards, Principles, Mappings, Service Catalogues
•Other artifacts  from us, other IT professional at UQ, and vendors.
•Architectural documentations – all in one place
–Registers of
•IT and Business Capabilities
•Current Initiatives
•Risks and Issues
•Solution Architecture Framework & updated Project Management Framework.
•EA mature and trusted enough to recommend solutions and identify opportunities

Contact details for the IT Architects:

Marc Blum

Security Architect
IT Governance
+61 7 3346 6903
Level 4, Prentice Building (42)
St Lucia 4072

Charles Chaaya

Technology Architect
IT Governance
+61 7 334 66276