This project will deliver a proof-of-concept (PoC) that allows students to search recordings of course lectures for spoken keywords or concepts. The project is currently in development, with an estimated completion date of September/October 2018. Given that most course coordinators are reticent to introduce new capabilities in their student online experience during the course, we anticipate a rollout for semester 1 2019.

Given this is a PoC, the capability would be made to a specific set of courses – not a university-wide rollout.

We are currently looking for course coordinator volunteers via inbound and outbound marketing.

Why are we completing this project?

Lectures remain one of the key delivery mechanisms in which course knowledge is communicated to students. UQ provides students access to recordings of their course lectures, which ensures this knowledge can be consumed or revised after the in-person delivery.

Currently, in order to identify or revisit core pieces of information within a recorded lecture, students must:

  • Review lectures by name/date, relying either on their memory of the lecture contents (if they have heard the lecture before) or by reviewing scant meta-data related to the lecture (such as lecture topic name).
  • Watch or skip through the lecture until they identify the core pieces of information. This could be quite a time-consuming process.

The scope of this project is to build a PoC that would allow students to better search within their course lectures.

What are the benefits?

The PoC creates a flexible solution for validating various technologies with minimal investment. These validations will provide excellent insight into considerations for future projects (for off-the-shelf-procurement-leveraging technologies and new projects internally developed by ITS).

  • Provides upfront validation of technologies that could be considered for larger projects (involved with search and/or audio transcription)
  • Minimal effort to change solution to use other transcription services to validate those technologies (the transcription technology or the search technology).
  • Minimal effort to change solution to be used in research projects requiring related inputs, processes and outputs.
  • Identify student interest in the technology, providing data points for value propositions for related future projects.

What progress has been achieved?

Development is currently underway via a third party contractor (CloudTrek). A tangible early demo will be available in August.

Project Team



Jack Mason

ITS Technical Coordinator - Product/Project Manager

Marcus Rosen

Contractor @ CloudTrek 

Nancy Blessing

Senior Program Manager @ CloudTrek 

Richard Rerrie

ITS ADS Manager - Contract Owner



Sponsor: Rob Moffatt, Chief Information Officer


Contact the team

For feedback and questions regarding the project, please contact Jack Mason at