IT Reporting

The Chief Information Officer evaluates, directs and monitors IT management. Critical KPIs are identified and measured to assist in this process and conduct annual benchmarking activities.

In addition to operational reporting, ITS conducts a number of functions for annual benchmarking activities, which include:

  • Identification of critical key performance indicators for IT services at the University, ensuring they provide appropriate measurements for evaluating, directing and monitoring IT management.
  • Development and maintenance of a suite of accurate, high-quality reports on performance against the designated KPIs.
  • Work with managers across the organisation to improve the quality and availability of data for reporting.
  • Use performance data to support the development of corrective action plans, and work with managers across the organisation to implement performance improvement.

The Reporting Framework

The Reporting Framework is based on the concept of Critical Success Factors (CSF) which are developed in support of IT success in Strategy, Operational Performance and Governance.

The current ITGC ratified program involves the development of 23 CSFs across identified areas, with over 100 critical success indicators being sourced as a measurement of their success.  The delivery of this framework is planned for the next two years and is associated with an iterative delivery of prioritised CSFs and metrics.  

Data will be stored in the PBI Data Warehouse and delivered through Business Objects. This infrastructure will not only provide an efficient method for data processing and delivery but also is expected to be the single source of truth. This being achieved through consistency and commonality of data definitions.

The Proof of Concept utilises ITS incident service data being warehoused and regularly updated reports. The final phase of provisioning of areas outside of ITS (i.e libraries, schools, faculties and institutes) is progressing well and is expected to be concluded in early 2018.

As new reports and data sources are completed, access will be provided through PBI Reportal under the ‘IT Reporting' folder which will reside below the ‘Unit Report’ directory in the home page of Reportal. Due to the nature of the information, access to some reports will be restricted.In March of each year, The University provides input to the UniForum global benchmarking program. This program provides university management with the means to strategically manage their administration and support services by leveraging the power of sharing information, learning from one another, and collaborating. ​

The University also contributes to CAUDIT Australia and New Zealand benchmarking:

CAUDIT Benchmarking