Strategic Information Technology Council (SITC)

The Strategic Information Technology Council (SITC) provides guidance and governance of the provision and direction of University-wide Information Technology IT strategy. The SITC is a critical nexus between Information Technology and the core operations of the University.


  • Placing Information Technology as an enabler aligned to supporting the University’s key objectives
  • Ensuring appropriate management and governance structures are in place for the information technology function
  • Verifying UQ’s risk position is in line with the Universities risk appetite
  • Matching Information Technology performance with University expectations
  • Review of a university-wide IT strategies and roadmaps
  • Endorsing and advocating Information Technology change to the University executive and throughout the Institution


The SITC has 10 key members:

  1. Chief Operations Officer - Chair
  2. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
  3. Director of Governance and Risk
  4. An Executive Dean
  5. An Institute Director
  6. University Librarian
  7. Chief Information Officer
  8. Director, Business Intelligence
  9. Director, Research Computing Centre
  10. ITS Associate Director, IT Governance - Secretary

Terms and processes

  • Reports to USMG
  • Meets twice per year.
  • Attendance is defined as in-person, by phone, by video call
  • No sub-delegation
  • Members must be in attendance to vote