Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Casual Academic Hiring and Payment (CAHP) project.

Which casual staff are covered by the Casual Academic Hiring and Payment (CAHP) project?

The CAHP project applies to all academic staff members employed on a casual basis to assist with teaching and learning activities at UQ.

What is an ‘enterprise solution’?

An enterprise solution is a system in place to address the needs of an organisation rather than an individual person, group or unit. It often integrates information from various sources to deliver valuable outcomes across the organisation. In the case of the CAHP project, a single University-wide system will be delivered to assist with hiring and paying casual academic staff efficiently and consistently.

What is the timeline for the phases of the implementation?

The CAHP project will be delivered in multiple releases:

  • Release 1.1 was a pilot release to two Schools that enabled payment by schedule. The pilot commenced on 10 December 2017.
  • Release 1.2 delivered payment by schedule to all Schools at UQ in time for Semester 1 2018. This release went live on 20 December 2017.
  • The next release is focused on integration between systems and will come online in stages throughout February and March.
  • Further releases in 2018 will deliver the other two dimensions of the end-to-end process, recruitment and selection/allocation.

Why is UQ prioritising CAHP?

Earlier this year, it became clear that UQ’s commitment to improving professional services needed to encompass the recruitment and payment of casual staff. There were two reasons why CAHP became a priority. First, it was identified that staff on casual contracts were not being well served by a payment process that was retrospective (in most Schools) and administratively demanding on them. Second, the consultation undertaken in relation to changes to HR and Finance Service Descriptions revealed the need to automate what was previously a sequence of manual processes that were highly variable across the different organisational units.

What is ‘payment by schedule’?

Payment by schedule in the CAHP project means that casual academics will be paid according to a pre-determined schedule, instead of retrospective time sheets. Before the semester starts, the casual academic is assigned to a set of teaching activities (the schedule). While the casual academic performs the required duties according to the schedule, no time sheets are required and he or she will be paid according to that pre-set schedule. Time sheets are only required if the casual academic deviates from the schedule, reducing administrative work for both the casual staff member and their supervisor

How will I be affected if I’m a casual academic staff member?

As a casual academic staff member, you will no longer be required to complete and acquire sign-off on time sheets if you do not deviate from the schedule. In a future release of the project, functionality will be created that allows you to apply for work in the same system.

Do I still have to put in a time sheet?

A time sheet is only required if you deviate from the scheduled activities. For example, if you were unable to complete a teaching activity, or if you completed a teaching activity additional to your schedule.

What if the schedule pays me the wrong amount?

The system will pay according to the schedule and the associated pay rates. If you deviate from the schedule, you can submit a time sheet to ensure you are paid correctly. If you are paid an incorrect amount, then your payment will be corrected in the next pay run after you submit your time sheet using the current process for pay adjustments.

Will we be able to track expenditure against courses?

Yes. Payments made to casual academics will have the associated course code attached to them (as the FFT in the transaction in UniFi), so reports can be made to track expenditure.

Can I see the schedule in myAurion?

No, the schedules will be communicated via your School as per the current process.

Who will be discussing my schedule with me?

The Course Coordinator / Course Convenor at the School will discuss your schedule with you.

Will my pay rates be impacted?

Pay rates will not be affected by the CAHP project. The existing pay rates and rules are incorporated in the system and applied in the same way as they were previously.

What if I’m a tutor in two different Schools?

If you are a tutor in two different Schools, you will receive two separate placements. Your schedule for each School will be communicated to you by the respective Course Coordinator / Course Convenor for each course.

I’m a Course Convenor / Course Coordinator, how will I be impacted?

As a Course Convenor / Course Coordinator, you will use the new system to allocate casual academic staff members to teaching activities. Scheduled teaching activities such as lectures will already be available to assign. You will also be able to add non-scheduled teaching activities such as marking and assign these to casual academics.

In a future release of the project, you will be able to use the system to select casual academic staff members who have applied for work and assign them to your course. You will also be able to configure both scheduled and non-scheduled activities for your course.

There is an error on my schedule. Who should I talk to?

If you have any questions or concerns about your schedule, you should discuss these with the Course Convenor / Course Coordinator for the course.

I am not satisfied with the schedule I have received from the Course Convenor / Course Coordinator. Who should I talk to?

If you are not satisfied with your schedule, you can raise the matter with the Head of School or the School Manager.