Below are the communications that have been sent to staff regarding the CAHP project.

1. 6 November 2017 - HR Services and Solutions Portfolio Update

Sent from: Bill Kernahan, Deputy Director, Human Resources (Client Services)

Dear Colleagues,


To fuel your success, improve compliance and enable you to action items that relate to your employment or your employees with ease and convenience, we are investing in systems and service innovation.


Our goal is to enable the professional services teams to provide professional advice and empower people to facilitate outcomes through system workflows rather than paper.  The system workflows will be accessible online which means, as long as you use your UQ login, you can access these forms online at anytime and anywhere.


  • Managers can confidently approve requests as they will be able to access consistent information in a timely manner to make decisions.
  • Academics will be able to access their HR Forms and know where their approvals are at without having to complete complex forms and chase approvers.
  • Professionals will have less complex paper forms, more convenient access and know where their approvals are at.
  • Finance professionals will have greater consistency of information to assure compliance and diligence in finance management for the university.
  • HR professionals will be providing real HR professional service that adds value in new ways.


Over time, the complex paper forms we are currently using will be replaced by automated on-line solutions for greater convenience and accessibility.


During the month of November, two forms/processes will be introduced in ‘Pilot Release’, the first automated workflow that will be piloted by the Faculty of Science is, Change of Hours and Days.  This solution is for continuing and fixed term staff who may require a change to their work hours, days, work pattern.   I would like to sincerely thank The Faculty of Science is for their leadership and engagement in this pilot.  


The second pilot supports the first high-priority release of the Casual Academic Hire and Payment Project, which will allow "Payment-by-Schedule". This consists of the creation of a payment schedule for Casual Academic staff and automatic payments based upon it. The system will enable a significant reduction in the administrative effort required to submit and approve timesheets for both the Casual Academic and their supervisor.


In this pilot, the Business School and the School of Mathematics and Physics will submit their schedules to the system to set up automatic payments for Summer Semester. The remaining schools will soon be provided with planning tools to support the creation of their schedules for Semester 1 2018.  I would like to acknowledge and thank the Business School and the School of Mathematics and Physics for their engagement and leadership of this pilot.


The pilot releases will be evaluated to understand your experiences, throughout the pilot development will continue in iterations and tested to assure quality.   From mid semester one 2018, we will commence preparing the university to receive the workflow solution for Change of Hours and Days.


We are excited to be providing meaningful solutions, training and support that will enable UQ to reduce the complexity of paper forms and improve your experience.


Our investment in systems and service innovation underpins our sustainability, compliance and capacity to lead.


We will continue to update our progress and celebrate all staff joining the momentum and engaging with the new solutions as they are in pilot and released fully.


Kind regards


Bill Kernahan | Deputy Director, Human Resources (Client Services)

Human Resources Services | The University of Queensland |

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