New suite of UQ staff websites in November

3 Nov 2017

From Monday 27 November, UQ staff will have:

  • redesigned staff websites
  • new my.UQ
  • new format for UQ Update.

You’ll notice changes starting from Thursday 23 November, and all new and redesigned sites will be live by Monday 27 November.

Redesigned Current Staff site

Homepage of the new Current Staff website

Current Staff will be the new starting point to find what you need to know about working at UQ.

We’ve redesigned the site to bring together the core information and services that you need as a UQ staff member.

To make it easier to use, the new site is based around topics rather than our organisational structure. This means that you can find the function or task you are looking for, without needing to know which unit is responsible. The site structure and labels are based on workshops and research with UQ professional and academic staff.

We have rewritten all information about finance and human resources, to make it easier to find what you need. Each page contains all the content relevant to that task or topic, including documents and forms, so there is no need for standalone form pages.

So far we have migrated the content from the existing Finance and Business Services and Human Resources sites, and collected links to topics on other UQ websites, so that you have one place to start looking for what you need. We will bring in staff-focused content from other UQ websites in coming months.

We will put in temporary redirects from the old sites to the redesigned Current staff pages. You should update your bookmarks and links after the changes are complete on Monday 27 November.

Updated Professional Services site

Homepage of the new Professional Services websiteThe updated Professional Services site, which has been developed in tandem with the redesigned Current staff site, will contain the Finance and Human Resources organisational unit information, including:

  • Professional Services team contacts
  • organisational structure and contacts
  • project updates
  • specialised content just for Finance and HR staff.

You will still be able to find information about the Finance and HR Professional Services Transformation on the new Professional Services site.

New my.UQ for staff

We’ll also be switching to the new my.UQ for staff, which is a more personalised portal for information and services relevant to you.

The new my.UQ initially offers:

  • single sign-on, reducing how often my.UQ will ask you to log in
  • a new, mobile-friendly interface
  • links to the most-used staff systems and sites, such as staff email, MyAurion, UniFI, and Learn.UQ.

Additional features coming soon include:

  • My Requests, for new online processes related to finance, HR and the UQ Graduate School
  • manage your UQ password and security questions
  • information for UQ teachers about their current courses.

You can preview the new version of my.UQ now. Try it out and give us your feedback via the link on the new my.UQ dashboard.

If you saved personal links under myLinks in the current my.UQ, you need to save your links by Wednesday 22 November.

New format for UQ Update

Landing page for the new UQ UpdateUQ Update will transition from a long-form email to a bulletin-board-style webpage within the Current Staff site. The content will be updated more frequently and you can access it at any time.

A UQ Update email will still be sent each Monday, with an overview of top stories and a link to read all of the latest news and updates.

Any questions?

Please get in touch if you have questions or need more information.