Save your myLinks from my.UQ by Wednesday 22 November

3 Nov 2017

From Thursday 23 November, there will be changes made to staff websites, including a new my.UQ for staff.

The new my.UQ for staff has links to the most used staff systems such as email, Learn.UQ, myAurion and UniFI.

However, if you saved your own personal links under "myLinks", you will need to save these before Wednesday 22nd November as they will not be migrated to the new my.UQ.

Example of myLinks
Example of personalised links under myLinks

Save your personal links in your browser and access them from anywhere

If you only need to access your links from one computer, you can bookmark or favourite your myLinks in your browser.

If you need to access your links from multiple computers, you can create an account in your browser so that your browser bookmarks or favourites can be accessed from any computer or from your mobile device.

Find out how to do this in your browser:

Why won’t myLinks be in the new my.UQ?

When my.UQ was originally created many years ago, there were no other services that let you save your favourite links and access them from any computer. Currently, there are many different options, including those linked above.

When creating the new my.UQ, we prioritised UQ-specific features that you can’t get anywhere else over functionality that is available elsewhere.

Find out more about the upcoming changes

Find out more about what’s changing, including how to preview the new my.UQ and give feedback.