Core Network (OneNet)

28 Aug 2018

The new core network (OneNet)

Earlier in the year UQ engaged the professional services of Cisco as an external partner to assist in redesigning the network with the aim of simplification, removal of bottlenecks and to provide scalability along with flexibility to support changing business requirements.

The new core network, OneNet, is now in place and will provide a stronger, more stable platform for our diverse customer base.


Some interesting facts about the two new core switches:

  • They weigh 320 kg each.
  • Each switch draws 11 kW of power.
  • They are carrier grade devices which large organisations and ISP’s would deploy.

Benefits of OneNet to the University:

  • High speed inter/intra campus network – currently 10Gb increasing to 40Gb and 100Gb
  • Robust and reliable wired and wireless network
  • Low latency (minimal delay) environment
  • Capable hardware designed for both corporate and research functions within one network (rather than the current separate networks)
  • Capacity for research to occur and be connected anywhere on campus

Further benefits

Updating the core network will provide an underpinning infrastructure for other projects to be realised:

  • Enhance the wireless network experience – replacing and expanding the outdoor wireless from 50 access points to 500.  This will allow UQ to progress to a wireless first approach and enable our mobile community
  • Remove the outdated distribution layer with the new collapsed core design. This will remove a bottleneck by connecting aggregation layer devices directly to the core
  • Connect Polaris and UQ at 100Gb, with the ability to connect at higher speeds when required
  • Standardise edge devices across buildings. Standardisation will allow enhanced automation processes whilst increasing security capabilities 

Next steps

As a pilot, the following buildings will be moved to the new structure:

  • Therapies building (buildings 84 and 84A) – forecast completion is the end of August
  • QBP (building 80) – forecast completion is the end of August
  • Prentice building (building 42) – forecast completion is early September

After these buildings have been transitioned, the next phase will be to move all buildings at St Lucia campus onto OneNet.  The core work will then expand out to other campuses.  Over the next few years the entire network will be replaced.

When fully completed, these improvements will make the UQ networking environment one of the most capable in the national region.

If you would like further information, please contact Pete Keeffe, Manager, Network and Data Centres at