Our free institution licence allows use of Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite UltimateBuilding Design Suite UltimateEntertainment Creation Suite UltimateFactory Design Suite UltimateInfrastructure Design Suite UltimatePlant Design Suite Ultimate and Product Design Suite Ultimate for a three year term on UQ owned computers. The current version is 2018.

This is available for Windows 64 bit operating systems.  Select products within the suites may also be available on Apple® Mac OS® X and Linux operating systems. Refer to the individual product’s Recommended Minimum System Requirements for more details

AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate includes:

Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate includes:

Who can use it?

  • UQ staff and enrolled students on UQ owned computers.
  • Visitors on UQ computers

Conditions of Use

  • UQ may only use the software for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research and development that are part of the instructional functions performed by UQ.  It must not be used for commercial, professional or for-profit purposes.
  • UQ is only licensed to use the software within Australia (staff travelling overseas need to seek legal advice as to whether they can use and access the software when travelling)
  • All of the software must be installed and accessed on the same computer (server access may be permitted depending on the type of licence you select).  That is, the software cannot be broken into component applications and loaded on different computers
  • Personal information may be collected if and when individuals are required (either by the software or in order to use the software) to provide their details in relation to registration for &/or use of the software and students should be informed that this information (as well as information about their use of the software) may be collected and used by Autodesk entities and their affiliated third parties and could also be transferred and stored overseas by such entities.  Students should be instructed that if they do not consent to this (including in the event that they are requested to provide personal information e.g. for passwords) then they should not use the services or software.

staff need to seek legal advice if they want to

  • use the software for design, analysis, simulation, estimation, testing, or other activities related to nuclear, chemical/biological weapons, rocket systems or unmanned air vehicles; or 
  • disclose, transfer, download, export, or re-export, directly or indirectly, any output or content generated by using the software to any country other than the United States; or 
  • allow staff or students to use the software if they are citizens of countries the subject of US trade sanctions or significant trade restrictions (including Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria and North Korea).

Home use for Staff

Our institution licence does not permit institutionally licenced Autodesk software to be installed on personally owned equipment however, staff and faculty are eligible to install Autodesk products onto personally-owned computers via the Autodesk Free Educational Software program by registering as individuals.

Register your UQ email address with Autodesk to obtain the software through that program, and use the activation information they send you.

Home use for Students

Current UQ registered students can register with the vendor to obtain the free educational version of most Autodesk products.

See Autodesk Free Educational Software

Licencing Type

The Autodesk Educational Licence is a three year term for the period running from 01 December 2014 to 31 October 2017.

To view this information, please click the relevant buttons below. You will be asked to login with your UQ account.

Licence and Service Agreement available

Autodesk Website Terms of Use

Educational Community Special Terms

How do I install the software? (on UQ computers)

Contact your local IT support teams to arrange installation. 

If you’re unsure who that is, please contact ITS Servicedesk


Information for IT staff

  • UQ may make only a single archival copy (which may only be accessed and used when the primary copy is inaccessible and inoperable).  You must uninstall and cease use of older versions within 120 days of installation of a new Upgrade 
  • All of the software must be installed and accessed on the same computer (server access may be permitted depending on the type of licence you select).  That is, the software cannot be broken into component applications and loaded on different computers.
  • IT staff should contact software.licences@uq.edu.au for product keys and installation media.


ITS Licensing and Maintenance

Email software.licences@uq.edu.au
Telephone (07) 3365 6000
Fax (07) 3346 6985