Central Funded - no purchase required

Central funding has been negotaited for some software available under existing site licence agreements. 

ITS purchases these site-wide licences annually on behalf of the UQ community. 

These centrally funded software applications are currently available for installation on UQ computers without the purchase of a licence by UQ Organisational Units. 

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • ArcGIS (ESRI)
  • ChemOffice Professional
  • Graphpad Prism
  • Leximancer
  • Microsoft CAUDIT products
  • Oracle Linux
  • SAS Education Analytic Suite and SAS JMP
  • SPSS Premium
  • Sigmaplot
  • Statistica
  • Vmware CAUDIT products


UniFi Software Catalog - purchase required

Internal orders to ITS are required for some software which is available under existing agreements where volume/special pricing has been negotiated. 

ITS purchases these agreement based licences on behalf of the UQ community once an internal order from a UQ Organisational Unit has been received. 

These applications are currently available for internal ordering through ITS. 

  • Adobe - selected products which are not included in the Creative Cloud software.  Captivate, Contribute, Presenter, Font Folio
  • Filemaker Pro, Filemaker Pro Advanced, Filemaker Server
  • Fusion
  • Microsoft - selected products which are not included in the CAUDIT agreement.  Visio Standard, Visio Professional, Visual Studio Pro, SQL server products.

They are ordered via the UniFi eProcurement ITS Sofware Catalog where the current prices can be checked. 

Please include the following details on the request, inserted into the comment field on the order, and select the Send to Vendor box. 

  • Name of the staff member who will be using the software
  • computer name for the installation
  • physical location of the computer - Building & Room

Depending on the Organisational Unit, staff may be able to raise the request, or Finance/IT staff may be required to do this. 

FBS UniFi support is available to help with UniFi and online documentation is also available for ordering from UniFi catalogues. 


Other Software

Other software which is not central funded or available for internal ordering from ITS can be purchased directly by the Organisational Unit Finance Officer.  Any requests relating to the purchase of a University-Wide Software Licence should first be checked with ITS Licensing. 

All software purchases, through UniFi or credit card, require the use of the correct Account Code 700980.  This allows for software purchase records to be uploaded from UniFi to the ITAM system. 

Item descriptions are also important - using a clear reference to the software at the beginning of the field will optimise record identification.  At a minimum please include the product name, version number, and edition (Standard/Pro/Premium) if applicable. For example “Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium 15”.

This applies to both PO line items and credit card reconciliation.

  • For purchase orders, if you have a part number or SKU, please enter that into the Supplier Item ID field in UniFi.
  • For credit card orders, please include the part number or SKU in the description.


Contacting ITS Licensing & Maintenance

Phone 336 56000 to log a job through the ITS Helpdesk

Fax:   334 66985

Email:  software.licences@uq.edu.au