The last six months have seen a lot happen within the UQ Drupal project. Over this time there have been numerous new sites created that previously never existed, and older sites have continued to be migrated in a more scripted fashion. There has also been a recognition that some groups of high profile sites would greatly benefit from taking this opportunity to be assessed as to how well they are serving their intended audience, and whether they are reflecting a modern and up to date look that should be representative of UQ’s web presence.

One class of sites that will benefit from this fresh look, are school sites. Beginning with the Communication & Arts site being launched at the start of the year, Web Services undertook a process to redesign and restyle schools sites to create a theme that appealed to modern users, while increasing the sites overall usability and utility on modern devices. This School Template makes for a great foundation upon which other school sites (and even non-school sites) can be constructed.

Utilising the School Templates, school sites now have special emphasis within the migration process and we are beginning our consultations with stakeholders to look at transitioning existing school sites into the new template. Meetings, initially grouped by faculty, will be held over the next month.

As this marks the start of a more holistic approach to site migrations, the CMS team is growing in order to be able to help assist Schools and Faculties manage these site transitions. Over the next month we are hiring an Executive Web Producer, a Content Coordinator, and a Trainer. The latter to assist with training materials and to run the regularly requested face to face classes on UQ Drupal. The development side of the team has also received a welcomed boost with Craig Rawlins and Winky Lau bringing their Drupal skills to bear on the platform. George Williams has also joined us as our casual Web Assistant.

In the meantime, scripted migrations have continued with 55 Tier 1 sites migrated of which 21 one are currently live. As we take a closer look at each of the hundreds of sites at UQ that have been built over the last decade, we have come across a myriad of ways of storing, sharing and displaying content. Sites containing a mixture of secured and public content have also been challenging and work continues to bring out the best approach for managing these types of sites.

In associated projects:

It has been recognised that there may be better intranet solutions than UQ Drupal for secure intranet content. One of the significant limitations is the size of files stored in UQ Drupal being limited to about 20MB. ITS therefore has done an initial survey of current intranets and secure web content storage. Representatives from IT and Marketing and Communications were contacted across UQ.

The draft of the proposed UQ Domain Guidelines was circulated with IT and Marketing and Communications contacts across UQ. The feedback is being collated and addressed by a small working party at present. It is expected the Guidelines will be released in the third quarter.

ITS Web Services and the Office of Marketing and Communication, Marketing Team have collaborated with Clemengers on a establishing a Digital Branding Guideline document to inform the consistent application of font, colour and appropriate image use for the new Future Students website in support of the new marketing campaign and brand refresh.

On behalf of the team,

Thank you for your feedback and support during this transition.

Dee McGrath