New UQ Password Procedure Helps Protect Staff

7 Dec 2016

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The University of Queensland offers robust online security to combat increasing cyber-attacks. Maintaining strong passwords helps protect us from these online threats. Therefore, the new UQ Password Procedure (see Section 5.2 of the PPL ) now requires staff to change their password at least once every 12 months.


Change your password

Our Password Guide may assist.


How does changing passwords help protect UQ staff?

  • The Password Change page is updated periodically with new password strength requirements and revised dictionaries. This ensures that permitted passwords are strong, and as safe as possible from automated password guessing attacks.
  • Password can be stolen without the user’s knowledge, and saved for later use or used surreptitiously, e.g. to secretly read the user’s email and access other systems. Regular password changes can help limit the damage.


Staff will be notified by email if their password is due to be changed. If you do not change your password by the expiry date you will not be able to log in to many of UQ’s online services until you change it.