Keeping UQ secure

Cyber security is everyone’s business. As technical solutions for cyber security have improved, attackers have increasingly targeted users to gain unauthorised access to an organisation’s sensitive data assets.

In striving to find the easiest or fastest way to perform a task, users may also bypass an organisations security controls. This is why users and the processes they use to perform their work are a key aspect of cyber security. A holistic approach is required, taking into account environment, systems, people and processes. 

Recent cyber security incidents

It is critical that all cyber security incidents are reported as soon as they are detected to minimise the potential harm caused by these events. The signs of an incident may be subtle, so it is better to report a suspicious event if you are not sure.

A risk-based approach will be used, driven by UQ's business requirements; aligning cyber security risk with business risk to facilitate appropriate ownership by the governing bodies of UQ.
There is a range of best practices that members of the UQ community can employ to improve their cyber security. Help guides, FAQs and policies have been compiled to assist.
Online training materials are now available for staff and students