Digital Television is online and streaming 24 hours per day thanks to Information Technology Services.

The University’s Central Video Replay System (CVRS) was digitized as part of a system-wide upgrade in late 2012. CVRS is a system many academics will be familiar with that plays media (e.g. DVDs) from a central source, eliminating the need to keep (and repair!) players in each lecture theatre. The upgrade allowed AV to also introduce Digital TV to UQ.

The Technical Details:

  • Enables Delivery of Live TV to a PC
  • Delivers each channel as a separate multicast stream reducing bandwidth impact.
  • Equipment supports multiple video streams - One “Vision² MPEG-2/Digital TV Live device” can support three DVB-T or DVB-S transmitters or six QAM transmitters providing support for up to six transport streams (reducing the amount of hardware needed to supply multiple channels)
  • IPTV streaming requires an output of around 300Mbps constantly via multicast to make all of the free-to-air channels available to the entire UQ network.

DTV was introduced to UQ by the joint efforts of the Audio Visual and Network Design & Engineering teams within ITS. It enables all staff to stream Free-to-air television at UQ.