Digital TV at UQ

This service allows staff & students access to live TV feeds for educational and special event purposes. It reduces the need for external antennas all over UQ sites.

Does this affect my download quota?

Using UQ’s digital television feed does not affect your download quota.

Does this slow down the network?

No. UQ has a state of the art high speed network. While watching television does require some bandwidth, the systems administrators at Information Technology Services have configured systems so that even if multiple computers in the same place are streaming this service you will notice no noticeable change in network quality.

How do I play a channel?

Follow the instructions to play television. You will need a computer that is connected physically to the internet (wireless is not enabled at this stage) that is on a UQ campus. If you have any problems please contact your IT support team, who will be able to assist further with setting you up.

Can I use this at home?

No. This service only works on the UQ network – i.e. you need to be on campus for this to work.

Can I use this at college?

The colleges are on a different network to the rest of the campus. This service does not work in colleges.

Does this work over wireless?

We have not enabled this service for wireless at this time. This is because we wish to be able to properly support each stage of the service that we introduce, and wireless technology has some additional complications we are still assessing.

VLC is not playing the file?

Please update to the latest version of VLC media player (Windows/OSX).

For further help:

If you are having problems with this service, please contact your local IT Support team or the ITS Service Desk on (07) 336 56000 or