Your domain name is your web address on the Internet. This is how other people find you. Each domain is assigned an IP [Internet Protocol] address that is made up of numbers. As people remember names more easily than numbers, the domain translates these numbers into words, making it easier for people to find you and easier for you to have an effective online presence.

UQ organisational units can have either of the following

Sub Domain

A sub domain of '' would be e.g.,

A sub domain is free to UQ Organisational Units, however it does also require a virtual hosting service. (is this a virtual web hosting service?)

Domain Name

A domain name can be eg.

Melbourne IT will charge you a registration fee. In addition to the registration fee charged by Melbourne IT, ITS can register the domain on your behalf for $68. Contact Melbourne IT directly to enquire about their registration fees.


WebDNS is a system for maintaining IP address for domains at UQ. This is done using a web browser. Individuals must authenticate and will only be able to modify ip-addresses in subnets they manage. Please report problems and send e-mail enquiries to UQ hostmaster

  • WebDNS (authorised users only)

About WebDNS

This tool is intended for computing personnel who manage hosts connected to UQ Net. It enables the user to acquire IP addresses for connecting new or additional hosts.

Typically a department/section/centre is allocated a UQ domain and associated IP addresses from one or more subnets (or part thereof). WebDNS enables the user to query a database of IP addresses by domain to determine which are currently in use and which are available. The user can edit the IP address records to assign and remove hostnames when hosts are added or removed from the network and the changes are propagated to the Central DNS, and to the Central DHCP server for many VLANs

With WebDNS computing personnel can keep track of the IP addresses in use in their domains and thus acquire IP addresses faster without hostmaster intervention or in-depth knowledge of the Domain Name System.

Choosing Hostnames

Hostnames should be chosen to reflect something unique about each host such as IP address, username, room no. e.g. or and should not use general names that might also apply to or be used by other equipment in the same domain such as or