The Enterprise Applications Strategic Enhancements (EASE) Program is a collection of projects aiming to simplify UQ enterprise system platforms, reduce operating costs, support automation and data availability. The Program initatives will enable the planned transition to Software as a Service (SaaS). 

The initiatives will be rolled out throughout 2018 and into 2019.

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What is the scope of the EASE Program?

  • Student Self Service improvements - Including mobile readiness, class signon
  • Graduations review in SI-net
  • Improving stability and maintaining Student Financial information in SI-net
  • Developing a University wide Program Planner tool 
  • Deep link SI-net integration to my.UQ
  • Patching the finance system UniFi
  • SI-net to Blackboard grades upload
  • Improve student communications initiated from SI-net
  • Online Applications (OLA) review.

What are the benefits?

  • Simplify the platform and architecture of the systems
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve services to students and future students
  • Improve student financial reporting and benefit tracking
  • Support automation through improved integration and out of the box (OOTB) functionality
  • Make relevant data available to support informed decision making
  • Prepare for eventual transition to SaaS (Software as a Service).

Where are we now?

The objectives of the EASE program will be delivered gradually throughout 2018. Currently the following projects are underway:

Program Planner Tool:

  • Program planner was released for Bachelor of Arts and replaces the legacy BA Planner tool.
  • Undergoing user interface redevelopment and integration of the Bachelor of Science program.
  • Consultation with other faculties has also commenced.

Class Signon

  • Prototype developed with consultation from staff and students. 
  • New student focused video developed for semester 2 signon period.

UniFi Patching

  • Go-live scheduled for 10th Sept 2018.
  • Currently in user acceptance testing (UAT) phase.

Student Self Service Uplift

  • Reviewing OOTB CS 9.2 functionality using the fluid user interface delivered as part of the SI-net upgrade project.
  • Implementing deep links from my.UQ direct to mySI-net for student addresses and phone numbers.

Program Team

Name Position
Jacinta Crothers Program Manager
Lisa Brockbank Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator
Dipak Bhandari Project Manager/Senior Business Analyst
Melissa Cross Business Analyst
Naomi Codlin Business Analyst
Robert Simpkins Senior Software Engineer
Robert Bryde PeopleSoft Technical Lead
Oskar Schlegl PeopleSoft Developer
Russell Lobo Test Analyst
Shaun Clark PeopleSoft Security Specialist
Ulljas Kapure PeopleSoft Student Financials Specialist
Phuc Nguyen Snr ApplicationsTechnical Analyst
Linda Ngu Senior Business Systems Analyst
Lavanya Sodum PeopleSoft Developer
Jay Taylor PeopleSoft Student Specialist
Stephen Fenner PeopleSoft Developer
Dan Pelichowski Software Engineer


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Sponsor: Rowan Salt - Deputy Director, IT Applications Delivery and Support

EASE Steering Committee

Name Position
Mark Erickson Academic Registrar
Helen Morahan Director, Student Administration
Vivienne Counter Manager, Enterprise Support Systems
Sue Chapple Senior Manager, Academic Projects
Julie Waldron Senior Manager, Student and Academic Administration, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Karen Wheeler Associate Director, FBS Operations