A committee is established under Sydney A. Prentice to study the possibility of installing an automatic digital computer within the University.


Order placed with the Australian General Electric company for the supply of a GE 225 Automatic Digital computer. At the same time, work also proceeds on the construction of a suitable area to house the equipment.


The General Electric GE-225 Computer is installed in the Hawken Building (now called the Prentice Building) under the direction of Mr. R.E. Kelly, the first Computing Officer of the University. The formal name of the Unit is the University of Queensland Computer Centre.


The staff of the Centre offer the first formal qualification in computing technology in Qld and one of the first in Australia. This is the P/G Diploma in Automatic Computing.

A second formal course, the P/G Diploma of Information Processing is offered in 1968. These courses move to the Department of Computer Science when it is formed in 1970.


A dual processor multi-programmed PDP-KA10 is delivered by Digital Equipment Corporation. It is ordered to meet growth of 30% pa and represents a new approach to "time sharing."


The Department of Computer Science is established with Professor G.A. Rose the inaugural Chair. The Computer Centre is transferred from the Department of Electrical Engineering to this new department. Three full-time programmers are employed by the Centre. Sixteen remote terminals for interactive time-sharing are installed on the PDP-10


The Computer Centre becomes a separate entity. Professor Rose continues as Director.


Mr. Alan Coulter is appointed full-time Director of the Computer Centre.


The Centre's scope of operations increases to provide services to the newly established Griffith University.

Student admission processing initially known as the Joint Admission Centre established - later to become QTAC.


University Senate approves the name "Prentice Computer Centre". First remote job entry batch station installed at Griffith University allowing users to submit card decks and receive print out from the PDP-10 without travelling to St Lucia.


Further remote batch stations are installed and connected to the DEC PDP-10.


The GE225 is decommissioned and presented to the Queensland Museum.


A Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10 KL-1090 Computer is installed. A total of 170 remote terminals now connected to the PDP-10's.

Large purchase of PDP-11s for departmental use.


A Mini/Micro Support Group is established in the Centre to assist Departments.


Personal computers begin to make an appearance at the University.