Over the past 18 months UQ has rolled out one of Australia’s biggest wireless networks, Eduroam, offering you over 4000 access points on campus.

Our VPN service also ensures you have secure access to all UQ systems.

As some users have experienced limitations with the connection, we’re pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 11th September we will roll out more improvements. This will result in faster, stable connections across all UQ campuses and via remote access.


  1. Decommissioned older generation (WISM1) Wireless Controllers
  2. Upgraded Wireless Management System
  3. Upgraded software running on wireless controllers
  4. Resolved a fault causing users to receive incorrect IP addresses which did not provide connectivity
  5. Re-assigned access points to controllers in the same building to reduce load on the core wireless network and facilitate roaming between access points
  6. Audited all wireless controllers to ensure consistent, accurate configurations
  7. Modifications to the radius authentication configuration to facilitate trouble-shooting
  8. Update of the wireless controller configuration to favour 802.11n and to disable 802.11b
  9. Split of large staff and student VLANs into smaller VLANs