Data Plan Contract Term Price
1GB 12 or 24 Months $25
4GB 12 or 24 Months $35
8GB 12 or 24 Months $55
15GB 12 or 24 Months $105
25GB 12 or 24 Months $165
Data Plan Contract Term Price
1GB Casual $40
4GB Casual $50
8GB Casual $75
15GB Casual $130
25GB Casual $190

1. micro-SIM insertion

Connecting an Apple iPad and micro-SIM

If you have purchased an Apple iPad and would like to connect to the NextG network, you can follow these simple steps to get up and running.

Ensure that your micro-SIM is inserted correctly by following the instructions below:

  1. Insert the end of the micro-SIM eject tool (located in your iPad box) into the slot on the micro-SIM tray (located on the left side of your iPad).
  2. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out.
  3. Place the micro-SIM into the angled corner of the micro-SIM tray to ensure it fits correctly.
  4. With the tray aligned, carefully replace the micro-SIM tray containing the micro-SIM card into the iPad.