ITS stores its Policies and Guidelines in the official UQ Policies and Procedures Library (PPL)

UQ is also required to comply with a number of standards to ensure the University Information Communication Technology is robust and reliable, see:

UQ Staff have access to a number of  world-leading knowledge bases solely dedicated to ICT:


The University of Queensland Library has executed a contract for staff and students to be able to access Gartner Core Research Database. This service provides research about information technology for decision makers. It provides you with the base of knowledge and advice needed to capitalise on IT technologies and markets.

Gartner research focuses on technology-enabled outcomes and is a value-add to IT Leaders and practitioners. Please note that not all levels of Gartner research is available. You can access the database with your University credentials through the link below:

Gartner Technical Professionals

UQ's Gartner Subscription held by the library now includes ‘Gartner Technical professionals’ its use is open to all UQ IT staff and hopefully it will provide you with a valuable resource.

A quick overview is available here

The subscription includes access to specialist Analysts, these Analysts are able to review a document you have prepared, discuss a topic via the phone (1hr) etc. and is likely the most valuable component of the service. 

If you wish to arrange an analyst enquiry, please email the Client Relationship Associate, Lori Clark. Please include details of the specific area of interest. The more information provided the better.

You can visit the Gartner website at

You can contact Lori at

Paul Sheeran is currently the administrator, so please make contact if you have any questions or have not received your access

Please review the below videos to get the most out of the tool.

Center for Internet Security

UQ is now a registered member of the Center for Internet Security.

Member Registration Instructions

As a CIS Security Benchmarks Member, you have the right to access, use, and redistribute all CIS resources throughout your organization. In addition, under this membership level, hosting, cloud and/or managed services provider(s) can incorporate the CIS Security Benchmarks resources into the components of the system/network(s), software, storage, hardware needed to support and secure the hosting, cloud and/or managed service(s) provided to the client(s), if the membership agreement is in place. 

Each employee must register with the CIS member site to obtain access. To register, visit and complete the registration form.  Ensure all registrants use their work email address.  After a simple account validation step, you will receive an email indicating that your registration has been activated.  You can then enter the site using the username and password you selected.

Below are some next steps you may want to take once you have registered:

  1. Log in to with the credentials you received
  2. Click the Profile link in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click the “Change Password” tab
  4. Enter a new password
  5. To join a consensus team, select Profile -> Options Button -> Manage Communities
  6. To access CIS member only downloads, click the Downloads button at the top of the screen.

Membership Benefits Available to you now: Orientation, Roster, Logo and Press Release

CIS encourages all new members to participate in orientation to learn more about the rights and benefits of the membership. If your company is interested, we would be happy to schedule a session that is most suitable for you.  

In addition, CIS can add your company’s logo and/ name to the CIS Benchmarks Member Roster and website. The Member Roster can be found at . 

Likewise, if your company would like to announce your CIS Security Benchmarks Membership via a press release, we can provide a draft template. 

If you are interested in the orientation, logo, member roster, or press release option, please contact us at

  Technical Support

If you have technical questions, please contact us at   

Information Security Forum

UQ has access to the Information Security Forum.

ISF Live is the online hub for everything the ISF does, providing access to its full library of research, benchmarking tools, to online collaboration on important topics in information security.

To Register and create an account go to <>. Click on “Click here to create one”.  You must use your UQ email address to create the account.

UQ’s ISF account manager is