Below are the communications that have been sent to staff regarding the CAHP project.

1. 28 September 2018 - CAHP Changes resulting from Aurion upgrade this week

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Casual Academic staff

School Managers

CAHP School Administrators


CAHP Changes resulting from Aurion upgrade this week

Dear Colleagues,


Please note that due to the Aurion upgrade scheduled for tomorrow 29 September 2018, the following changes will apply to the My Aurion forms for Casual Academic Hire and Pay (CAHP):


  1. This week, the MyAurion form will be available from the afternoon of Saturday 29 September. In subsequent fortnights, the MyAurion form will be available earlier in the day again.
  2. The forms for submitting changes to your hours are always available from the Saturday following the end of the pay period, to the following Tuesday. On the MyAurion My Forms page, a notification will provide a link to the CAHP pay period date table for details on the relevant dates.
  3. Some buttons on the form have changed.
    • The ‘Insert row’ and ‘Remove’ buttons allow you to add rows in a specific section of the list, and remove selected rows respectively. You can also still check the ‘Delete Line’ checkbox to delete rows.
    • The ‘Move up’ and ‘Move down’ buttons allow you to change the order of the rows as you see fit. These buttons replace the previous ‘Add row’ and ‘Delete bottom row’ buttons.

Work is currently underway to replace the MyAurion form with a new and bespoke timesheet in the CAHP system by the end of the year. You will receive further updates on this change soon.


If you have any questions about the above, please email us:


The CAHP Project Team