Below are the communications that have been sent to staff regarding the CAHP project.

1. 22 June 2018 - CAHP Production Discrepancy

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School Managers

CAHP School Administrators


CAHP Production Discrepancy



Dear Colleagues,


Some Schools are seeing discrepancies between the “time per session” on an activity in the Course Planning page, and the “time per session” on the specific weekly activities. We are aware of the issue and are investigating the cause to resolve the problem.


We recommend that until a resolution is identified you do not manually adjust these hours. This issue should not impact any other information you add to activities.


A review of previous pay periods has been undertaken and no impact has been identified.


We are very sorry for the impact this may have in your Semester 2 preparations. A further update will be provided on Monday afternoon with the latest information unless resolved earlier.


If you have any questions in regards to the preparation requirements, please contact the CAHP Support team at:


Thank you for your ongoing support,


The CAHP Project Team.