Below are the communications that have been sent to staff regarding the CAHP project.

1. 11 January 2018 - Broadcast – HR Services and Solutions Portfolio Update – January 2018

Sent from: Bill Kernahan, Acting Director, Human Resources (Client Services)

Dear Colleagues


To fuel your success, last year we commenced a program of systems and service innovation. You can view the animation here.


Our goal is to support the professional services teams in their drive for improved efficiency and responsiveness by facilitating outcomes through system workflows rather than paper. 


In November last year, we released the automated workflow for Change of Hours and Days in a first pilot site, the Faculty of Science. This month (January) we will release this workflow in a second pilot site, ITS. This workflow will continue to be improved prior to wider release to the university later in semester one. Change of Hours and Days is for continuing and fixed term staff who may require a change to their work hours, days, work pattern. I would like to sincerely thank The Faculty of Science and ITS for their leadership and engagement in the pilot and continuous improvement of this workflow.


In late December the first iteration of the Casual Academic Hire and Payment Project, which will support ‘Payment-by-Schedule’ was released across UQ. The system enables easy planning for casual academics to be allocated to courses and aids timely payment for casual academics. Further iterations of this solution are scheduled throughout semester one.


In February we will be releasing the second iteration of the Fixed Term Appointment Expiry workflow in the current pilot sites and whole of BEL faculty. This workflow provides easy access to upcoming appointment expiry and enables school managers to lead the renewal process online.


We are excited to be investing in systems and service innovation and we look forward to updating you with the progress of solutions and user experiences.


In the meantime, you might like to familiarise yourself with the training videos and resources for Change of Hours and Days and Casual Academic Hire and Payment. You can access these through the systems training hub by clicking on the following link:


Best regards