Below are the archived communications that have been sent to staff regarding the CAHP project.

1. 16 April 2018 - CAHP: update of changes

Sent from: Professor Tim Dunne, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Office of the Provost​

Sent on behalf of the CAHP Steering Committee members – Tim Dunne (PVC), Rob Moffatt (CIO), Bill Kernahan (Dep Director HR)


Dear colleagues


We are writing to inform you of a number of changes to the Casual Academic Hiring and Payment project.


There is no doubt that the initial roll-out has caused difficulties for professional colleagues while proving to be deeply problematic for a number of our casuals who have notified us of a delay in payment (or an incorrect payment). We apologise for the negative experiences that CAHP has generated so far; we remain committed to improving matters as we complete S1 and plan for S2.


We would like to make three points about the state of CAHP in the hope that the content of the message will begin to restore confidence in the system:


Changes in the CAHP Team 

  • Kim Harrison has been brought in as the new project lead.  Kim has over 25+ years in Human Resources and Payroll.  This is supported by 15 years’ experience in implementing Human Resource Solutions including business-scheduling tools.  She also brings experience within higher education but is new to UQ. 
  • Kim has replaced Simon Paterson – we acknowledge the work that Simon has done for CAHP and wish him well in the future.
  • Kim is also bringing into the CAHP team a colleague from her consulting company, P & T Solutions, Karina Mauer.  Karina has over 15 years’ experience in the education sector.  She is highly experienced in the implementation of technical business solutions.  Karina will be focussing on the operational and technical transition in of the CAHP solution. 
  • Angela Lawton and Ryan Stride continue to provide valuable advice and support to Schools, as well as respond to queries and requests for assistance.
  • We are hoping to further support the ‘re-set’ by bringing a senior UQ professional colleague into the team, for a defined period of time, to assist Kim and Karina with how best to assist Schools facing challenges around implementation.
  • HR Relationship Managers have agreed to perform a data-checking role on payrollfiles before submitted by Schools for payroll processing.
  • Additional resources have been added to the payroll and CAHP teams to improve process timeframes and responsiveness to inquiries.



The Provost has asked the Steering Committee to conduct a timely review of ‘lessons learned’ from S1. We anticipate that this work will be done during May. The findings will be communicated to the Vice-Chancellor’s Committee through the Provost. A summary of the content, and the consequential actions, will be shared with all staff. 


We have received a considerable amount of feedback from School Managers, FEMs, and various members of the user community, as we have done from the project team; and there is now a data set that clearly shows where the difficulties are mainly concentrated.  This wealth of information will help to shape the content of the Review. In addition, we may want to speak to some of you specifically about particular issues that are in-scope for the Review.



While we do not recoil from recognising how difficult this has been, it is also the case that we should remember that CAHP was brought into being because of widespread dissatisfaction with the old manual payment method (on the part of staff administering the system and casual staff too), and that changes to the HR and Finance functions meant that system and process changes – for up to 3000 casual staff – were happening simultaneously.


Together we believe that what is being put in place is a ‘re-set’ of the CAHP project. We continue to rely on colleagues in Schools to adjust their planning and their internal processes such that the schedules are in an upload-ready state by the required date in the pay cycle.


An immediate ‘lesson learned’ is to ensure that further upgrades to the system must be gradual, and only released when we can be confident that the service/support is in place to ensure implementation is less disruptive. To this extent, we see S2 as a consolidation rather than the full integration of the allocation and payment parts of the solution that previously had been envisaged.




Throughout the difficulties, few have doubted that the goals CAHP is seeking to achieve – a standardised and automated way of paying casual staff coupled with a leaner and more transparent process for allocating casual staff to courses.  We hope that the user community will continue to work productively with the project team such that the ‘re-set’ CAHP has every prospect of success.



NB A copy of this email is being sent separately to the CAHP Reference Group and the User Community.




Professor Tim Dunne MPhil DPhil (Oxon) FASSA

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Office of the Provost

The University of Queensland | Brisbane Queensland 4072 l Australia

Executive Assistant: Ms Lu Apruzzese

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