Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the Teaching Activity Schedule for Casual Academic staff.

How do the Year, Semester and Pay Period boxes work?

By default, the Teaching Activity Schedule page displays the teaching activities for the current pay period. You can also view your schedule for other pay periods by using the Pay Period selector. If you would prefer to see all teaching activities for a particular semester, then you can use the Year and Semester selectors to choose your semester. The Pay Period and the Year / Semester selectors work separately from each other. You can either view your schedule by semester or by pay period.

Are the dollar amounts displayed inclusive or exclusive of tax and other deductions?

The dollar amounts are gross amounts. Any taxes or other pay modifications are still to be applied.

What is displayed in the “Code” column?

The Code column displays the pay code. You can find more information on Casual Academic pay codes on the UQ Current Staff website.

I want to see specific teaching activities. How do I do that?

You can use the Search box to filter on specific teaching activities. For example, enter “Tutorial” if you want to see only those activities that contain that word. You can also download your full teaching activity schedule by clicking the Download Full Schedule button.

Something in my schedule looks wrong. What should I do?

Contact your supervisor to discuss any issues with your schedule.

I have a clash on my timetable. What should I do?

Contact your supervisor to resolve any timetable clashes.

Some of my teaching activities have no time listed. What does this mean?

If a teaching activity has no time listed, it means that it does not need to completed at a specific time of day. For example, marking is not scheduled to take place at a specific time, so the time is left blank.  

If the activity does not need to occur on a specific day of the week, then the teaching activity is set to a Wednesday. For example, marking is not scheduled to take place at a specific day of the week, so the day is set to Wednesday.  

Why does the information in the Teaching Activity Schedule not match my pay or myAurion?

The Teaching Activity Schedule displays the activities that you were / are scheduled to complete. This schedule can be modified by submitting a form in myAurion, for example if you were sick and unable to complete an activity. These modifications are not sent back to the Teaching Activity Schedule, which can explain the difference between the Schedule and myAurion and your pay. If you have any questions about the Teaching Activity Schedule, please contact your supervisor.

I know that a change has been made to my teaching activities. Why does the change not show on my Teaching Activity Schedule?

The Teaching Activity Schedule only displays activities that have been approved by the School Manager (or delegate). Once the change in the schedule has been approved, it will be displayed on your Teaching Activity Schedule.

How do I download my schedule?

Click the “Download Full Schedule” button and then “OK” to download your teaching activity schedule in a spreadsheet.