User Group Sprint Review meetings

1. User Group Sprint Review meeting 13 - 17/05/2018


  1. Actions from the previous meeting

  2. New functionality

    1. Teaching Activity Schedule – Supervisor / School Admin access

    2. Actual student numbers

    3. New Hires

    4. Placements update

    5. Teaching Schedule API

  3. Your feedback

  4. CAHP dates

  5. Statistics

  6. Key messages/close

Actions captured in User Group Meeting

  • On New Hires page, use wording "New Hires in Progress" instead of "Current New Hires"
  • Provide Pay Schedule information on the Teaching Activity Schedule screen
  • Add story to backlog for adding dollar amounts to Pay Schedule exports
  • To notify Supervisors of Teaching Activity Schedule access, send initial notice to School Managers / Administrators and later to Supervisors directly



The meeting was supported by the following presentation.


Supporting Attachments

No other materials were provided prior to the meeting,


No additional minutes, beyond the recorded actions, were taken during the meeting.