User Group Sprint Review meetings

1. User Group Sprint Review meeting 25 - 08/11/2018


  1. Actions from previous meeting

  2. Release 1.6.3 today

  3. Timesheet approval deadline update

  4. Pay schedule reminders

  5. CAHP timesheet

  6. Next priorities

  7. Timelines for next semester

  8. Key messages / close

Actions captured in User Group Meeting

No actions were captured in the meeting.


The meeting was supported by the following presentation.


Supporting Attachments

No other materials were provided prior to the meeting,


During the meeting, attendees were asked what functionality would be most valuable to be delivered next. The following items were raised in session:

  1. Make sure that the pay schedule report includes the approved changes – variation report
  2. Active notifications or reminders for supervisors to check the timesheet status
  3. Setting global start and end dates for placements
  4. Easier way to extend placements instead of creating new ones