The UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM) enables UQ researchers and Higher Degree by Research students to securely store, share, re-use, collaborate on and manage their projects’ research data.

The UQRDM system implementation project will run for approximately 12 months with an actively facilitated and purposeful roll-out to the UQ research community.

Additional features will be released in phases throughout 2018.

Why are we completing this project?

  • To improve research collaboration capability within and outside UQ
  • To establish UQ as world-leader in research data management
  • To comply with funder and publisher data availability requirements
  • To make ITS the preferred broker for research data storage at UQ

What are the benefits?

  • Improved research collaboration capabilities
  • Large storage capacity: 1TB per project (the size can be increased on request by contacting ITS), and no limit on the number of projects a researcher can create
  • Improved flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, and control direct access to data for collaborators within the AAF, eduGAIN and LinkedIn
  • Secure data: storage managed by UQ ITS, in compliance with UQ policy
  • Single view of research data across the whole of UQ from two sources;
    • a single shared drive that aggregates the UQRDM projects for each researcher --  \\\UQ-Research - and
    •, a sync-and-share interface for research data

What progress has been achieved?

  • Single share for all research data (\\UQ-Research) accessible from all three major platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux). This is mapped as a single unified drive as R:\ on all researchers’ desktops if researchers have a project record in the system
  • High availability Cloud access service with sync and share features for research data in ITS based upon NextCloud - UQ Cloud sync available via self service
  • Authentication via the Australian Access Federation, eduGAIN and LinkedIn for collaborators outside of UQ
  • Automated storage allocation via an API
  • A front end interface managed by UQ Library that allows users to control metadata attributes and access to the project data shares (

We are now:

  • On-boarding research units
  • Working towards implementing future features including datasets and archiving workflows, addition of provision of Digital Research Notebooks, access to the system for industry partners via LinkedIn

For further updates on the project, please visit the project page on the research website.


UQRDM System Team

Name Position
Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot UQRDM Project Manager, Office of the DVC-R
Jan Wisgerhof Application Development Specialist, UQ Library
Leslie Elliott Infrastructure Support Specialist, ITS
Rebecca Deuble UQRDM Project Officer, Learning and Research Services, UQ Library
Roy Duncan Manager, Identity Management, ITS
Mohammad Hassan Senior Manager, Infrastructure and Identity, ITS

Dan Moradian

Todd O'Connell

Rose Radloff

Relationship Managers, ITS


Business Owner: Bronwyn Harch, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Vice President (Research)

UQRDM Project Control Group



Prof Joe Shapter

Chair, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure)

Prof David Abramson

Director, Research Computing Centre

Dr Chris Ambrey

Research Fellow, HASS

A/Prof Scott Beatson

NHMRC Career Development Fellow, Science

Ms Belinda Bern

Director, UQ Graduate School

Dr Steffen Bollmann

UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CAI

Mr Jake Carroll

Senior IT Manager - Research, QBI

Dr Marisa Collins

Senior Lecturer, Science / QAAFI

Prof Heather Douglas

Professor & ARC Future Fellow, BEL

Dr Christine Dudgeon

Research Officer, Medicine

Dr Nela Durisic

UQ Postdoctoral Research Fellow, QBI

Dr Marko Hilden

Senior Research Fellow, SMI

Prof Mark Horswill

Professor, HABS

Mr Eric Hornsby Associate Director, Library Technology Service, UQ Library

A/Prof Helen Huang

Associate Professor, EAIT

Ms Sandrine Kingston-Ducrot,

UQRDM Project Manager, Office of the DVC-R

Ms Helen Morgan

Manager, Research Policy and Performance, Office of the DVC-R  

Dr Susan O’Brien

Research Integrity Manager, Office of the DVC-R

Dr David Stockdale

Deputy Director, IT Infrastructure Operations, ITS

Mr Rik Taylor

IT Infrastructure Manager, EAIT

Ms Heather Todd

Director, Learning and Research Services, UQ Library

Contact the RDM Team

For feedback and questions regarding the project, please contact the project team at