ITS and participating Faculties, Centres and Institutes are rolling out a new software and hardware asset management tool.

ITAM (IT Asset Management) is designed to provide centralised, accurate reporting on assets and licences, enabling UQ to improve purchasing efficiencies and create savings.

ITAM will allow UQ to compare the software licences we have purchased against the software installed on our computers. This will identify excess software purchases or under-licensing, and enable us to rectify any inconsistencies.

Faculties, Centres or Institutes will also access better rates through co-ordinating volume purchases; and reduce overspending on unused licences.

Additionally, delegates from Faculties, Centres or Institutes will be able to view their IT purchases. The program has the potential to retrieve up to date reports on licence details, hardware serial numbers, warranty and hardware maintenance dates. The ease of accurate reports will reduce response times and provide more seamless IT delivery between UQ departments, end users, desktop support teams and finance groups.

ITAM has been installed on computers across participating UQ groups. The program will track what software is installed, however it will not track what the software is used for, share documents, or monitor web browsing. There is no risk to the security or privacy of information for users’ PCs.

For more information about ITAM at UQ please visit the ITAM Page here