UQ went live with a new Internet login portal on Thursday 21st of February.

Users of the Internet at UQ will have noticed no interruption to their internet surfing however behind the scenes some big changes were made.

"We're totally revamping our login system," said Simon Rose, Manager of Internet Services for Information Technology Services (ITS).

"Internet users will only notice a new login screen but for ITS it means we can implement some great features.

"The new system will feature high availability across our core infrastructure, meaning in the event of problems we won't lose connectivity and it will also integrate seamlessly with a number of websites at UQ that employ Single Sign On protocol.

"What this means is that users will be automatically logged in to these websites instead of having to enter their UQ credentials each time they go to a different page."

An example of how this works can be seen right here on the ITS website, where staff and students are automatically logged in if they have previously signed in to the Internet.

"It's early days for Single Sign On technology now, but as other web services around the University come onboard this will make life much easier for everyone," commented Mr Rose.

"In the future Blackboard and my.UQ will have Single Sign On as well."