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The University of Queensland, funded by the School of Mathematics & Physics has a Network Concurrent License for Mathematica 11 for Academic & Research use.

Supported platforms are Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Version 11.0 is available.

UQ staff not from School of Mathematics & Physics wanting Mathematica access should contact ITS Licensing via email to software.licences@uq.edu.au to discuss contribution to the annual licence fee.

What is included?

Mathematica 11


Who can use it?

The Mathematica network concurrent license is available to all current employees and enrolled students of The University of Queensland who are using a UQ owned computer in a UQ facility.

Access from all non UQ locations can be made by VPN network connection to the server (visit https://its.uq.edu.au/services/vpn to download the VPN software if required)

A number of Standalone Licences is available for Staff users using UQ owned systems who cannot access the Licence Manager and can be obtained by contacting software.licences@uq.edu.au.


Home use and individual licences for staff and students

Home use for students is not available. Students can purchase a student pack from the UQ Bookshop.

Use at home for all UQ staff is included

Eligible home users must be UQ staff and must be using the software on a privately owned computer that is normally located at their primary place of residence. Connecting to the Volume Licence Manager through the VPN from a privately owned computer is prefered however it must not be used for commercial business ventures (consulting for a company, creating your own business, etc.).

Disconnected licences for Staff to use Mathematica from home on their privately owned systems is available. 

Obtaining a copy of Mathematica




Conditions of Use

For University of Queensland teaching and non-commercial research purposes only.

The License is available to all faculty, staff & students for support of teaching and academic research use but is NOT for use in commercial applications For full agreement terms and conditions please see the Licence Agreement T&C’s   

Prohibited Uses.

All uses of the software and other elements of the Product not specifically stated in the Permitted Uses and installations section of this Agreement are prohibited, including, without limitation:

  1. Running more Controlling Processes or Computational Processes concurrently than the maximum specified on Your License Certificate, or allowing access to a single Controlling Process by multiple computers or terminals;
  2. Decompiling, disassembling, or reverse engineering the Software;
  3. Modifying the Software in any manner, except those portions written in the Mathematica language and included as examples;
  4. Distributing, publishing transferring, sublicensing, lending, leasing, renting or otherwise making available the Product or any portion of the Software including collections of data, except as permitted at http://www.wolfram.com/components for distributing Mathematica-generated code;
  5. Copying or allowing copying of the product or any elements of the Product, except as permitted for the maintenance of an archival copy of the Software as allowed by the Permitted Uses and installations section of this Agreement;
  6. Allowing access to the product by any user other than the Licensee, including without limitation, acess tot eh Product via a web server, which is only allowed pursuant to a valid webMathematica TM licence agreement;
  7. Removing any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary notices from the Product;
  8. Installing separate components of each Controlling Process or Computation Process on separate computers, with the exception that the front end of a Controlling Process can be on a separate computer from the associated kernel;
  9. Using the Software for any illegal purpose or to create malicious programs, including but not limited to creating computer viruses and malware or denying computer bandwidth to WRI and its affiliates and users;
  10. Using a password, activation key or other means of accessing the Software other than as specifically authorized by WRI; and
  11. Restricting third parties in receipt of Mathematica-genreated FreeCDF TM .cdf files from republishing or redistributing them by any means, including but not limited to rights management or terns of use, without the express consent of WRI.

How do I obtain a copy of the software?

Supported platforms are Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

On these platforms installation of Mathematica on UQ owned system should be straight forward but on Linux there can be some additional steps.

Download the installation media from the ITS Software Downloads site

On all machines except linux

  1. Mount the CD and run the installer
  2. The last step of installation asks for type of license password.
  3. Select (2) "Network license" then enter value "huntsman.hpcu.uq.edu.au"

On Linux machines

  1. you will need "root" access.
  2. If your Linux system is not setup to autorun CDs,  you will need to manually mount the CD with a command similar to "mount -r -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom"
  3. Run the installer script:
    bash -c /media/cdrom/Unix/Installer/MathInstaller
  4. Following installation, you may need to configure the Mathematica fonts into your X11 font server. This is necessary as commands can vary with Linux version.

Mathematica suggest the commands

xset fp+ /usr/local/Wolfram/Mathematica/6.0/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1

xset fp rehash

Licence Type

This is a Network Concurrent License and is renewable annually.

The Mathematica license period runs from 28th November 2016 to 29th November 2019.


ITS Licensing & Maintenance:

Email software.licences@uq.edu.au
Telephone (07) 3365 6000
Fax (07) 3346 6985

Additional Product Information