The new MatLab Server Quorum has been successfully implemented and existing users are now invited to update their network.lic file to utilise this new service. No other re-configuration is required.

How can I update?

Please visit to obtain the new licence file (network.lic file).

Why should I update?

The new Quorum makes use of a three server configuration to provide a more reliable licence service to users.

When is the next Matlab release?

A next scheduled release of MatLab is R2014b which is expected in September 2014. If you haven’t updated your license files to the new server configuration, this will be required when changing over to the new release.

Can I stay on the previous server?

Users can continue to use the previous server until the next release, however if this server fails, users will experience periods of disruption to the service. All existing Matlab users are strongly encouraged to move to the new servers. The previous server will be switched off at the end of 2014. You will need to update to the new server configuration before this date.

For more information about MatLab features, licensing, and to download the new license file please visit the MatLab section on the ITS website - (please note you need to be logged in to the website with your UQ username and password to see this page).