This is the first time I have run a multiple choice exam. What do I need to do? 

  1. Complete the Multiple Choice Marking Request form, ensuring that you provide your UniFi account details and business unit code, within the appropriate area of the form.
  2. Fill in an Answer Sheet with the correct answers, ensuring you mark it with the subject code and the word 'answers' in the student name field.
  3. Arrange to get the exam scanned and the results produced. You can simply drop the exams to the ITS Service Desk, Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Where do I take the response sheets to be processed?

Completed response sheets, are to be submitted to the ITS Service Desk.

How long does it take to process response sheets?

It can depend on the number of response sheets you have, and also the amount of manual intervention required for student papers that have not been filled in properly. Manual editing is done when the student response papers have issues such as:

  • The bubbles not being filled in and left blank for name, student number or response
  • Multiple answers marked as correct and incorrect answers have not been erased but have been crossed out instead.
  • Writing on the top of the paper near the scanning marks which needs to be removed as the scanner will not register any sheets in this form.

General turnaround time for exams is within 4 working days. Once marked, all reports are emailed to the email address provided on the request form and all exam papers are returned to the lecturer via internal mail, 1 working day after completion of scanning.

What happens with the student response sheets after they have been processed?

We handle the student response sheets as requested on the Multiple Choice Marking Request form. The student papers will be returned via internal mail the next working day after they have been processed to the recipient advised on the request form. Alternate arrangements can also be made to pick up the papers if preferred.

Where can I get the blank Answer Sheets from?

Blank answer sheets can be obtained from the School Office.

Is it possible to have more than one correct answer for a question?

The system can only mark multiple answers correct for a question, where the students can select any of the answers to get the question right. For example, if Q.1 is marked with both A and B as correct on the answer key provided, then the students can select either A or B to get that answer correct. The software cannot however, give multiple answers correct in the case where the students must select all of the answers to get the question correct. For example, for Q.1 if the students must select both A and B to get the question correct, the software is not able to do this.

Can I give more than 1 mark per question?

The software can supply multiple marks for questions if requested. In order to give multiple marks for a question, section 5 on the Marking Request Form should be filled in, specifying the marks to be allocated to the questions. Only 1 answer sheet is required to be sumbitted.

How are errors handled in the case of operator only marking?

  • No response to question – The question is visually scanned and if there is a discernible mark, the question is amended with the response. If no mark can be discerned the question is left blank.
  • No Student Number – Not possible. A student number, needs to be provided with up to 8 digits minimum.
  • No Name or Initials - If the name or initials are written the file is amended. If blank, it's left that way.
  • Two Marks to a question - If the operator can't discern the respondent's intention, then the response is left blank.

How are True False questions accommodated?

There is a 'T' above the 'A' on the answer sheet and an 'F' above the 'B' on the answer sheet. The form has been designed this way so the examiner can mix both multiple choice type questions and True/False type questions. The student must fill in 'A' (for true) or 'B' (for false) in order for this to be scanned correctly.

How do I withdraw questions from the exam, after it has been answered?

Just leave the questions blank when filling in the correct Answer Sheet, and provide the question number in section 1 that asks are there any questions to be ignored on the Multiple Choice Marking Request form.

How much does this service cost?

  • $75.00 flat rate, for up to 150 sheets
  • + $0.12 per sheet thereafter
  • Pricing is exclusive of GST
  • The total cost will be charged internally.


ITS Service Desk

Phone: 07 336 56000


Location: Level 2, Prentice Building (#42), Staff House Road, St Lucia campus, Between 8:30am & 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.