Listening to feedback from UQ ITS staff and others. It has been determined there is a need for a Networking Foundations course. This course will be aimed at two audiences:

  • Non-Network People whose industry is moving more and more to IP based Networking hardware and software based applications. The AV industry is an example of this.
  • People interested in a career in Network Engineering without a IP Networking background. Many past CCNA students have indicated a pre CCNA course would have helped them be ready for what is now a fairly intense CCNA course.

This course will be very hands on with each session involving lab activities and quizzes. The course will finish with a mini test at the end of the day

Contents on this page

Links For Students - Password Required

  • HTTP site for UQtrainIT students to Download Class Notes.

Course Outline

Session 1 - What is an IP Address

  • IPv4 Private vs Public Addresses
  • IPv4 Address Classes
  • Multicast vs Unicast vs Broadcast
  • Private/Public Addresses
  • MAC Address - What is it
  • IP Services - NAT and DHCP
  • Static vs DHCP
  • IPv6 - What is it
  • Terminology Explained
    • IP Address
    • Subnet Masks
    • Gateway Address
    • DNS Address
  • Commands - arp, ipconfig, tracert
  • Lab - Configure and Connect Devices
  • Quiz

Session 2 - The Switch

  • The OSI Model in brief
  • Layers 1 - 4, they really matter
    1. Physical - Cables/Wifi
    2. Data Link - Ethernet Frames and MAC
    3. Network - IP Address and Routing
    4. Transport
      1. TCP vs UDP
      2.  Port Numbers - Keeping our Windows apart
  • The Access Switch Concepts
    • interface, console, vty, VLANs, SVI
  • Lab time - A basic switch configuration. Telnet to the Switch
  • Quiz

Session 3 - Switches verse Routers

  • More Switch Concepts
    • Trunks vs Access Interfaces/Ports
    •  The MAC Address
  • Routing Concepts
    • Connect Networks to make the Internet
    • Stop Broadcasts
    • Best Path Selection
  • More Network Concepts
    • VPN, IPSec, AnyConnect, MPLS
  • Multicasting a Video
    • Multicasting Protocols go beyond the LAN
  • Lab - Create 2 VLANs and connect them with a Router.
  • Lab - Multicast a Video with VLC
  • Quiz

Session 4 - What we do in SOHO and Keeping things Secure

  • Looking at a SOHO Router/Switch/Access Point
  • Setting up a SOHO Wifi Service with WPA2
  • Looking for clear air with Wifi tools
  • Connecting to an ISP
  • Setting up a LAN
  • Bad things can happen
    • Viruses, Malware, Phishing
  • How to stay safe
  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware, Educate your family, Patch your operating systems

Assessment and Course Evaluation

2016 Course Schedule & Venue

Group 16-A February 29th
Group 16-B July 4th
Group 16-C July 19th
Group 16-D August 15th
Group 16-E October 10th
Group 16-F November 7th

Tuition sessions will be from 9am to 5pm.


The University of Queensland
St Lucia Campus

The course venue is the Central Admin Training Labs S40 & S42 level 3 of the Seddon Complex South, Building 82A. The hallway entry with the labs is from the veranda which can be accessed by stairs or a wooden ramp. I suggest you check out UQ Maps  or UQ now has and App UQNav  to help you find the rooms. More information will be sent with the Welcome to the course email.

Costs, Enrolments & Payments

The Networking Foundations 1 day course will cost $330 including GST

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Enrolment Notes:

  • Class times are not rigid and can be negotiated at the start of semester with the instructor having the final say.
  • Classes will be cancelled if minimum enrolments (5 or more) are not achieved.
  • FULL refunds of enrolment fees will be available if classes are cancelled.
  • Once a course starts, all student requested cancellations or transfers will incur a $75 administration fee.
  • Attendance and Participation in classes is required. Acceptable attendance is at least 60% of class time