About the Project

Since early in 2014, ITS have been working closely with P&F to install a UQ owned generator (to replace the rented generator) to provide power redundancy to the Prentice Data Centres. Approval of funds occured in late 2014. The project team have invested significant time and work, and have achieved the following milestones:

  • selection of site for the new generator, just happens to be where the existing one is
  • selection and engagement of an electrical consultant to produce generator and electrical works specifications
  • selection of electrical works contractor (N&P Contracting), and selection of generator supplier (Cummins) from five tenderers

The project reaches a significant stage this week with the removal of the rented Aggreko generator and placement of a temporary generator.

The site will then be prepared for the UQ owned generator, and in about 3 months’ time the new generator will arrive and be connected to the new generator switchboard.

ITS Vehicle Relocation

The arrival of the temporary generator will have an impact on the ITS parking spaces on Staff House Road.

From today, Wednesday 14th October until early January, the three ITS vehicles (ITS Mondeo, ITS-Wagon, ITS UN Wagon) will be parked in the Parnell Carpark. If this carpark is full then staff may park vehicles in the Mansfield Place carpark.

Please collect and return the vehicles to Parnell carpark (or Mansfield Place carpark ONLY IF Parnell carpark is full). We understand the frustration of driving up Cooper Road only to find no car spaces at Parnell and then to drive back down Cooper to Mansfield Place. However if this preference for parking is not observed the cars may have to reside in Conifer Knoll which would add an additional level of inconvenience to all that use the vehicles.

There is no change to the booking system for the vehicles.

Fast Facts about the Generator

A couple of facts about the generator. The generator:

  • is designed to run for up to 500 hours in any one year under the constant electrical load of the Data Centres.
  • will represent just under half it's capacity under the initial load, whereas the rented generator is almost at capacity.
  • weighs in at 25 tonnes
  • costs $503,000 ex. gst.
  • at maximum capacity it is capable of powering approximately 600 to 1,000 Brisbane homes (assumes average daily load)