Information Technology Strategy | 2017 - 2020

Our vision

The UQ digital environment is integrated and highly responsive to meeting the University’s objectives. Information Technology delivery is recognized as critical to supporting the delivery of outstanding results in teaching, learning and research, and partnering with industry, government, academia and alumni to deliver significant solutions to global challenges & opportunities. UQ’s rich digital environment is integral to the student experience enabling the University to be regarded as a world class institution of learning and discovery sought by students globally.

Our mission

Partnering with the University to deliver innovative IT solutions, to seize opportunities and meet challenges faced by the University. UQ will be leaders in the adoption of technology to enable world class teaching, learning and research activities, and to facilitate beneficial and authentic engagement with students, staff and industry partners across global boundaries.

Our IT principles

Our staff are provided opportunities to contribute to UQ’s success on a daily basis, and the following principles help guide them so that their efforts are aligned with the University expectations. We will:

Be agile

Delivering solutions using a customer centric approach, that encourages people and projects to adapt as needs change to deliver fit for purpose solutions.

Continuously improve

Listening to and understanding what our customer values, maximising the value of IT and reducing all forms of waste.

Be digitally-integrated

Enable a vibrant digitally-integrated environment that supports and enhances on-campus learning, external partnerships and student life.

Reduce complexity

Opting for simple and secure access to systems and information that enable agility and innovation.

Our goals

Information Technology must be responsive to the developing needs and priorities of the University. Three goals form the basis of the Information Technology Strategy and will lead to the achievement of our vision. The priorities under each goal will evolve and adapt as the University’s priorities change, the goals in contrast will be held constant into the foreseeable future. Our goals are:

Digital technologies have fundamentally altered the way we communicate, live, learn and work. They have broken down barriers and given rise to new opportunities and challenges. Taking a holistic view of the student experience, UQ must develop an integrated learning environment that combines our physical and digital landscape, delivering powerful learning opportunities for our students to thrive.
To keep pace in the dynamic global higher education environment and to meet the demands of students, academics and partners in the academic endeavour, The University of Queensland must continue to provide state-of-the-art collaborative spaces, supported by cutting-edge information and communications technology that will enable further development of UQ’s intellectual capital.
Information Technology changes and evolves at a rate far greater than most industries. This coupled with the current disruption in higher education, means that IT professionals need to be adaptable and lead changes in technology and its delivery that support the University’s objectives. The Information Technology services provided at UQ will adapt to the changing needs quickly and seamlessly, always focusing on improving value for the community.

Our success measures

Our success will be measured by the ability for UQ to deliver on its mission. The following simple measures will gauge the overall success of Information Technology and its impact for our institution:

  • Decrease spend on IT operations as a % of UQ revenue;
  • Increase in staff satisfaction with their IT services;
  • Increase in student satisfaction with their IT services;
  • Increase in the number of fully-automated administrative and student facing processes.

Specific objectives against these measures and for our Information Technology initiatives will be developed and maintained throughout the life of the Information Technology Strategy.

IT Governance

IT Governance at UQ is designed to assist the University to achieve its objectives, not hinder it. It must support agility and enable staff to explore opportunities for value creation and improving UQ’s competitive advantage