If you've just changed your password, you may find that you need to reconfigure some networks and applications on your devices. ITS has created a range of guides which you may find useful.

UQ WiFi (eduroam)

After changing your password, any devices that were connected to eduroam using your previous password may prompt errors when trying to access the internet. In most cases, you will simply be asked to enter your new password. In some rare cases, you may need to re-configure your connection. The following guides may be of assistance:

Student email

If you've just changed or reset your UQ student password (for your s4123456 username), your student email password will be unaffected because your email uses a different password.

Staff email

If you've just changed your password, the next time your Microsoft Outlook client attempts to retrieve or send emails, you may receive an error message stating that the mail client failed to connect to UQ's email server. This is because your mail client is trying to use your previous password which is no longer being accepted by the mail server. In most cases you should just be asked for your new password. In some rare cases, you may need to reconfigure your email client with the new password. You can use the guides below for this process:

Web browsers and saved passwords

If you have configured your web browser to remember your password when logging into websites, it will automatically pre-fill login screens with your previous password and will therefore fail to login. You will need to remove these stored passwords. Below are some useful links for completing this process:


If your new password does not work for mySI-net, please contact the ITS Service Desk on (07) 336 56000.