The Office 365 Project is a phased project focussed on transitioning existing on-premise UQ staff Microsoft Office accounts to the Office 365 Software-as-a-Service suite.

The project will run for approximately 18 months with new services released in planned stages. Phase 1 involves preparing for migration by upgrading existing Office applications to Office 2016. In Phase 2 Email and One Drive for Business services will be made available. Further services will be released in phases throughout 2018.

Why are we completing this project?

  • In alignment with the cloud-first approach outlined in the IT Strategy 2017 - 2020
  • To provide tools that are digitally-integrated and reduce complexity
  • To improve collaboration capability

What are the benefits?

Benefits to UQ

  • Reduced operational support costs

Benefits to UQ staff

  • Increased mail capacity for attachments and storage
  • Improved flexibility to work from anywhere at any time
  • Improved collaboration capabilities
  • Part of a greater suite of services available through Microsoft Office 365 to be delivered through 2018

What progress has been achieved?

  • Upgrade to Office 2016 has been completed within ITS and is now being rolled out across UQ
  • Email and One Drive for Business Schedule being completed and will follow Office 2016 upgrade

We are now:

  • Liaising with scheduled business units
  • Undertaking upgrade of computers to Office 2016 across UQ
  • Finalising schedule for migration of Email and One Drive for Business
  • Determining future services to be made available

Project Team

  • Derek D’Silva,  Systems Administrator
  • Michael Roger,  Systems Administrator
  • Greg Martin,  Senior IT Support Officer
  • Blair Leong,  Senior IT Support Officer
  • Sean Walker,  Change & Communications Specialist
  • Jacob Weller,  IT Support Officer
  • Tracy Williams,  IT Support Officer
  • Greg Long,  Senior IT Support Officer
  • Steven Pike,  Senior IT Support Officer
  • David Robertson,  Project Manager


Sponsor: Rob Moffatt, Chief Information Officer

Steering Committee 

  • Rob Moffatt,  Chief Information Officer
  • Jodi Phillips,  Deputy Director IT Applications Delivery   and Support
  • Gary Stefano,  Associate Director Customer Support   Services
  • David Stockdale,  Deputy Director IT Infrastructure   Operations
  • Mohammad Hassan,  Senior Manager Infrastructure and   Identity
  • Tricia Williams,  Faculty Executive Manager HABS