How to Request a Shared Email Account

A shared email account can only be requested by a School Manager or a Team Leader. If you are not a School Manager or a Team Leader please instead ask them to request the shared email account.

To make a request please use the 'shared email account request' email template. The template has space to include 'Shared email account details', 'Your contact details', and 'Access details'.​
Important note: If you have already contacted the Service Desk regarding a shared email account creation, please instead reply to that email with 'Shared email account details', 'Your contact details', and 'Access details'.

Shared Email Account Details

  • What should the name of the shared email account be? For example “Enquiries School of Zoology”.
  • What would you like the email address to be? For example “”.
  • What is your Organisational Unit (Department)? For example “School of Zoology”
  • What is the account’s purpose? For example “A New shared mailbox to manage Enquiries to the School of Zoology”

Your Contacts Details

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email

Access Details

  • Who requires access to send and receive emails from the shared email account?

Please list all usernames of staff that require access to the shared email account (including your own if applicable).

How to Choose an Email Address

Before requesting a shared email account. Please check that the email doesn’t already exist. You can check this in Outlook. If you put the email address you want in the ‘to’ field of a new email and click 'check names' Outlook will let you know if it’s available. See the pictures below.