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Room Booking Timetable Display for Centrally Booked rooms

Teaching Space Management and ITS Audio Visual Services have worked together to develop a service to display booking data for Centrally Booked rooms via a webpage.

This information is live and updated every 5 minutes.

You can copy the URLs below, edit them with the desired Building and Room numbers and paste them into a browser to display the current booking information as a timetable.

To display the timetables on digital signage under your management, please follow the procedure to display web content using either Appspace or the Digital Media Manager.

There are 3 Types of Displays available, via 3 different URL formats:

For single room, current booking as the main display, with 3 up-coming bookings along bottom of screen


Example: Steele 206 (03-206):


For single room, multi-day display

http://splus.uq.edu.au/Timetable2014/Reports/CoreCalendar.aspx?template=location_grid_bigscreen&objects=<Building-Room>&days=<1st day - last day>&weeks=<week>&periods=5-33

Example: Steele 206 (03-206) displaying 5 (1-5) days of this (t) week:


For most uses- only the building and room need to be changed. if you want to display future information (not this week), you can edit the values &days=<1st day - last day>&weeks=<week>.

Below is a screenshot of the output for the sample URL.

For multi-room, single day display

http://splus.uq.edu.au/Timetable2014/Reports/CoreMaster.aspx?template=location_master_bigscreen&objects=<Building-Room1; Building-Room2; Building-Room3>&days=<day>&weeks=<week>&periods=5-36

Example: Steele 206,237,262,309,329 (03-206;03-237;03-262;03-309;03-329) displaying the current day (today) of this (t) week:


For most uses- only the building and room numbers need to be changed. If you want to display future information (not today), you can edit the values &days=<day>&weeks=<week>.

Below is a screenshot of the output for the sample URL.