ITS has worked closely with many units at UQ to install a centrally managed digital signage system called Appspace. Connecting to Appspace allows you to get access to a range of features not available via a standalone system.

For example, you can share and access content from across the University; you can easily display timetable information for centrally controlled rooms; and you can even show TV streams- great for live events such as Melbourne Cup. Thanks to a collaboration between ITS and the OMC Marketing Team, high quality templates and usage guidelines are also available for the central signage system.

Access to a particular display or group of displays is granted to nominated users, and other users not assigned to that display cannot make changes. The software is easy to use and ITS AV Support and Integration team are available to assist if you do need a hand.

If you have digital signage in your area that is not yet on Appspace, contact the AV Integration and Support team to discuss your options for migration to the central system.

For more information on Digital Signage at UQ contact the team on 56000 or