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Locating the button panel

The audio visual system in this room is controlled via an AMX button panel, which will appear identical to the button panels shown here, though the button options may be different between learning spaces. The button panel can be found on the wall or lectern in the room’s presentation area.

Powering on the audio visual system

Push the ON button. If there is no ON button on the panel, select the source input you wish to use and the system will power on automatically.

All buttons on the button panel will flash blue while the audio visual system is warming up. This may take up to 40 seconds for rooms which include data projectors and document cameras.

Join Room Mode

AV systems within some adjacent rooms can be joined; allowing you to show a selected source input across both rooms. This feature is commonly found within rooms that are separated by operable walls or contain multiple collaborative learning spaces. If you can not see a Join Room button option on the room's button panel, then this feature is not available.

For the following instructions, please note that Master Room refers to the room you wish to use to control the input selection of both AV systems, and Slave Room refers to the room that will be controlled remotely via the button panel within the Master Room.

  1. Power on the AV System within the Master Room.
  2. Make sure that the AV system within the Slave Room is powered off.
  3. Select the Join Room button option on the button panel within the Master Room. Once selected, the AV system within the Slave Room will automatically power on. Please note, this option will not work if the AV System within the Slave Room is powered on.
  4. Select a source input from the button panel in the Master Room to have that input displayed across both rooms.

To separate two rooms, select Join Room button option on the Master Room's button panel.

Using the Desktop PC

Push the PC power button.

Most university lecture theatres include a Desktop PC for presentation purposes. Make sure the PC is powered on and awake by moving the computer mouse and observing the PC’s illuminated power button. You may log on to this PC with your university credentials, or by using the following:

User: lecture

Password: lecture

Connecting your own device to the audio visual system

Securely connect the available HDMI or VGA cable to your device, then push the coinciding Laptop, Laptop VGA or Laptop HDMI button.

If you can not see your Windows device displayed on the screen, make sure it is set to either Duplicate or Extend display mode by pressing  . For Apple devices, enable Mirror Displays by pressing.

If using a VGA cable, make sure that the 3.5mm audio cable is also connected to your device.

Please note: if your device does not have an available HDMI or VGA port, you will need to use an appropriate display adapter for your device. These adapters are device specific and are not provided by UQ Audio Visual Services.

Volume control

The volume of the AV System can be controlled using the Vol Up and Vol Down button options.

If you can not hear your device through the AV system, check that your device’s volume is turned up and not muted.

If sound is coming from your device, but not from the AV system, you will need to set the correct audio playback option on your device. On a Windows device, right-click on the speaker icon in the task bar, select Playback devices, select the correct playback device, then select Set Default. On an Apple device, click on the speaker icon at the top right of your screen while holding the Option key, then select the correct device.

Audio Join mode

Some rooms may include a one-way audio join feature, which enables you to pass sound from the AV systemin a master room to the speakers in the adjoining slave room. With the AV system in the slave room powered off, select the Join Audio button on the button panel in the master room to enable Join Audio Mode. The Joined button will also illuminate in the slave room when the join is enabled.

To disable Join Audio Mode, select the illuminated Join Audio button on the button panel in the master room.

Powering off the audio visual system

The audio visual system can be powered off by selecting the OFF button option. If there is no OFF button option available, please push the input source button currently in use to deselect it.