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B-Line Simulation Capture System

Recording a new session

1. Visit and log in to the Simulation Capture system using your UQ username and password.

   If you are unable to log in, please contact or phone 336 56000.

2. Select Start / Join Session, select the required B-Line recording system from the list of available systems, then select Done.

3. Select a pre-configured scenario from the Select Scenario drop-down menu option, or create a new scenario by selecting None - Enter Name Below to create a new scenario.

4. Use the tick boxes to select the cameras you wish to use for the recording.

If you receive a No Video Inputs Found error message, please use the touch panel or controller in the simulation room to power on the AV system, then select the refresh icon. 

5. Position the cameras correctly using the touch panel or controller within the simulation room. Camera positions can be changed throughout the recording.

6. Select recording participants from the list of registered B-Line users, then assign a Participant Type to each participant using the drop-down menu next to each name.  

7. Select Start Session to continue.

8. Select Start Recording to commence recording the session. 
    - Use the Annotate button to create markers throughout the recording, in order to mark significant events on the recording timeline.
    - A list of predefined annotations can be found under the Predefined Annotations tab.

9. Select Stop Session to stop recording and finalise the session.

Reviewing a recorded session

  1. Visit and log in using your UQ username and password.
  2. Select Debrief Session to open a list of past recording sessions, select the required session from the list, then select Done.
  3. Use the Debriefing interface to review the captured video. Select Done when finished.
  • Annotations can be added to the timeline by selecting the Annotate option. Existing annotations can be edited by double-clicking on the annotation marker within the timeline.
  • Use the Session Link option to copy a link for this specific session to your clipboard. This link can be passed on to other B-Line system users and session participants.