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This guide covers the basic operation of the Sony UTX-B2 Wireless Lapel Microphone, which is compatible with most lecture theatres at UQ.

To purchase this microphone through the university, please see Regularly Purchased Items.
To hire this microphone for an event or function, please see AV Equipment for Hire.


Battery Indicator This shows the current status of the batteries Power Switch This switch is used to toggle the device ON and OFF.
Power level Indicator This shows the current RF Power level, which can be toggled between High and Low. This setting should remain on High. Adjustment Buttons The button are used to toggle through menu settings.
Channel / Channel Group This shows the current Channel group and Channel. At UQ, the Channel Group should always remain set at 00.  Set Button This button is use to change and enter menu settings
Mic/Line Switch This switch is use to toggle input gain between Microphone and Line level. This should always remain set to MIC. 2xAA Battery Compartment Squeeze the two clips to unlock and remove the battery compartment.

Instructions for UQ lecture theatres

Please follow these instructions to set up the UTX-B2/42 Wireless Lapel Microphone for use in UQ lecture theatres.

  1. Use the Power Switch to set the device to OFF.
  2. Confirm that the MIC/LINE switch is set to MIC.
  3. Press and hold the SET button, then toggle the Power Switch to ON. Release the SET button when you can see characters flashing on the device's display.
  4. Press the set button repeatedly until you see PO:H or PO:L flashing on the display. This is the Power Level setting. Use the adjustment buttons to set the power level to H, then select SET.
  5. You should now see a series of numbers on the display, separated by either a period or a space, with only the first set of numbers flashing. This is the Channel setting.
    • Use the adjustment buttons to set the Channel Group (the first set of numbers) to 00, then select SET.
    • Now use the adjustment buttons to set the Channel to the required channel, then select SET. The correct channel for any UQ lecture theatre should be displayed on a red volume fader visible on the touch panel display, and also on a sticker above the touch panel. Click here for a list of UQ teaching rooms and wireless microphone channels.
  6. Press the SET button twice. You should see ATT - 00 displayed on the screen, followed by a flashing 2-digit number. This is your attenuation setting. Use the adjustment buttons to set this number to 00, then select SET. 
  7. Use the Power Switch to turn the device OFF and then ON again. The device will power on with the correct settings.
  8. Power ON the AV system via the room's touch panel, then use the red RADIO MIC volume fader to mute and adjust the volume level of your microphone.