How to book a room?

Got to http://uqbookit.uq.edu.au/ and login with your UQ Credentials

You will be shown a series of tiles for spaces you have access to book

Can I book a room from the Wall mounted display panel?

It is not possible to book a room directly from the wall mounted display. This is by design as we do not want to allow unauthenticated booking of rooms. If you wish to book a room some displays will have a QR code displayed that will take you to the URL of that room. Otherwise if you follow the steps about on How to book a room you will be able to book the room.

I want to book a room but when I login to UQBookIT I cannot see the room?

You will only see rooms and resources that you have access to book. If there is a space you believe you should have access to book please enquire through your local room owner or if you are unsure who that is contact help@its.uq.edu.au.

Are rooms on UQBookIT able to be booked through Outlook?

Integration with Office 365 and Outlook is aimed to be provided sometime in Q4 2018.

I want to book a room but when I login to UQBookIT I cannot see the room?

The reason for this could be one of the following:

The room you want to book may be part of another booking system such as:

  • Web Room Bookings
  • Exchange/Office365 accessed via Outlook

You may not have permissions to view that room.

If someone else in your business area has access please check with them which system they use, otherwise please contact help@its.uq.edu.au.

Please note we are working towards moving all resource bookings onto the one platform to simplify this access.