About local recording with Vivotek

The standard recording method within the Vivotek Live Client allows other users on your server to access past recordings, which may not be suitable in some circumstances. Please follow these instructions to record media content locally to your computer, instead of to the Vivotek server.


  1. Open LiveClient and log in using your UQ credentials.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the interface, select Configuration > Client Settings > Recording Settings to access your local recording settings.
  3. Set Record Type to 3GP.
  4. Change your Save to setting to a location on your computer that only you can access, such as your My Documents folder. You can use the Make New Folder option to create a new storage location within My Documents, if necessary. Once you have the location selected, select OK.
  5. Select OK on the Recordings Settings window to save your settings.

Creating a local recording

  1. Locate the required camera from the list at the left of the LiveClient interface, then double click it’s title to see the camera’s video feed in the Live View pane.
  2. Select the camera feed in the Live View pane. The camera feed will have a red border when selected correctly.
  3. Select the Record to 3GP button option to start a local video recording. The blue circle icon will turn red while a recording is in progress.
  4. To end your recording, select Record to 3GP option again. Your recording will be saved to the file location you specified within the client’s recording settings.

Further information